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5 star ratings from our happy event professionals

“Goodshuffle Pro is the closest thing to perfection we've found, and trust us— we've tried our fair share of programs. It's clear that Goodshuffle Pro was designed by real industry pros— they've thought of nearly everything. Not only do we love it, but our clients find it easy to navigate paying their bills and signing contracts. Our only regret is that we didn't find them sooner!”
Michelle Aldred, owner of Petal and Oak

Michelle Aldred

Petal and Oak

“Our old software was slow and clunky. We are LOVING your software and are kicking ourselves for not making the jump sooner. The only thing better than the software is the customer service, which has been top notch. It has a very intuitive user interface, is very fast, and things just make sense. The customer service is probably the best I have ever experienced.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Tim Daugherty, owner of Sperry Tents

Tim Daugherty

Sperry Tents New Jersey

The longer we’ve been with Goodshuffle Pro, the more we know that we made the right decision. With RW Elephant, we were still using 4-5 different tools for 1 mission: booking clients and getting them through the sales process. It was just too much tedious work. Goodshuffle Pro stood out because of its logistics, tracking, planning, and all-in-one booking. It's saved us 10 hours per week.”

Cam Petty

Render Events

“This software was exactly what we were looking for. I cannot fathom ever going back to the way things were. Goodshuffle Pro has saved double booking and recounting, and gives us more time to be creative and to meet with potential clients. The Website Integration saved us during the pandemic. We searched for a software company for a couple years and ended up choosing Goodshuffle Pro. Seriously, it was the best decision ever! Once you have something that works so well, you stop looking.”
event professional working on website strategy

Cathy Rost

I Do Decorating

I've been very impressed by their product, but I'm even more hooked on their incredible customer service. I was previously using RW Elephant to generate proposals, but I was on the hunt for a better product that offered more. I was looking for something that had a strong proposal presentation, inventory tracking, and was easy to use at an affordable price. I tried out a few different software programs before finding Goodshuffle Pro.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Jeremy LaBahn of event company Wonder Event Rentals

Jeremy LaBahn

Wonder Event Rentals

“Our old software was old and clunky. Goodshuffle Pro is so easy to use and has more to offer. The difference is like night and day— we're saving so much time. There are some many pros to Goodshuffle Pro, from how easy to use it is, to how I can work from literally anywhere, to my customers loving the ability to look over the quote, sign, and pay the deposit all using one link. The customer service is spectacular! I really can't say enough good things about this company and how much their software has helped us grow.”
Tremont Event Rentals team, users of Goodshuffle Pro

Shelby Glasser

Tremont Rentals

“I haven't double booked a single piece of equipment since I've had the software. It's saved me so many headaches. My team and I are very grateful for their awesome customer service as we ask them questions all the time and they get right back to us with answers and help articles. Couldn't be happier or ask for anything more!”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Brandon Peltz, of A2Z Music Factory and team

Brandon Peltz

A2Z Music Factory

“I can't say enough about this awesome software. We are a floral and event rental company and are able to keep up with all our rentals. No more missed inventory or over booked items. Anyone in our office can easily and effectively put a quote together and send it off. Quicker proposals means faster bookings!! It has been such a timesaver, and the customer service is really amazing!”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Sherronda Scoggins of KC Events and Florals

Sherronda Scoggins

KC Events & Florals

“Goodshuffle Pro is the best ever! It's a great investment. I love the fact that the Goodshuffle Pro team is always there to answer questions and train on new features that will help the business become more efficient. It's awesome being able to track inventory and manage payments and contracts all in one setting.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Charlena Green, of Any Event Linen & Chair Rental

Charlena Green

Any Event Linen & Chair

Goodshuffle Pro feels like it was made for our type of business. Exceptional customer service, which is super important as a customer that is moving to a new software. Response times are insanely fast! It seems like most software only really work well for a very specific type of business, but this software has really allowed us to incorporate all of those services into one system that works really well for us!”
team photo of Goodshuffle Pro user, Unique Events

Travis Newell

Unique Events

“Goodshuffle Pro is a game-changer! It has literally changed the way we do business on so many levels. Contracts are now consistently signed, clients love the photos of rentals items in proposals, and we receive deposits and payments much faster than before. We also have more control and confidence keeping track of orders. This is such a comprehensive tool for rental companies.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Robyn Iaea, of Signature Boutique Event Rentals Maui

Robyn Iaea

Signature Boutique Event Rentals

“Goodshuffle Pro completely revolutionized our inventory management and tracking internally while also giving us a better tool for client contracts, invoicing, and payment tracking that allows full visibility to the entire team. Clients have been better about signing contracts faster and paying bills on time thanks to online signing and payment tools, and regular digital payment reminders.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Cory Frank of Design Foundry

Cory Frank

Design Foundry

“Goodshuffle Pro is AMAZING. I have no idea why I didn't invest sooner. This software is life-changing and a huge time saver. I have no idea how we did the manual way before. It has saved us time and avoided delivery errors.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Areli Gonzalez of Belle Decor Dallas

Areli Gonzalez

Belle Decor Dallas

“I am super happy with Goodshuffle Pro. The customer service and training are fantastic, and the software keeps us organized and on track. I would be completely lost without this software, it was the best decision we made for our business.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Kelsey Hahn of White Dahlia Events

Kelsey Hahn

White Dahlia Events

“We've freed up time and won more business with Goodshuffle Pro. The Goodshuffle Pro team is attentive, knowledgeable and quick to assist in any way possible. The savings on the labor and time far outweigh the cost of the service.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Luna Tolunay, of Fun Planners

Luna Tolunay

Fun Planners

“I love Goodshuffle Pro. I was integrated over and up and running within 7 days. Their support is outstanding! The software is very intuitive and very easy to use.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Stephen Naleway of Events Plus TX

Stephen Naleway

Events Plus TX

“This system has helped so much and increased sales, since I don’t have to turn down orders anymore. For the last couple of years, I would just turn down orders because I didn’t have time to quickly look through all of them. Now I have booked so many last minute orders. Thank you!”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Melissa Teague of Simply Chic Event Rentals

Melissa Teague

Simply Chic Rental Shop

“Words can’t cover how amazing the Website Integration is. It’s a work of art. It’s doubled our sales, and kept us making money during the pandemic.”
Goodshuffle Pro users, Bristow Party Rentals

Paul Cameron

Bristow Party Rentals

“My wife and I were hesitant about Goodshuffle Pro at first but it's by far the best investment we’ve made so far. It's allowed our business to grow! I'm spending less time generating quotes and tracking inventory and sales, and more time promoting the business! Goodshuffle Pro is now a necessity for our operations. You can build a simple quote in less than a minute. It seems they have thought of nearly every feature you may need in this industry.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Treg Cunningham of Blueprint Event Studios

Treg Cunningham

Blueprint Event Company

“We were slowly not hearing from IntelliEvent. Any time we reached out with concerns or needs, they would say it would cost more money. It was outdated and couldn't handle the various types of inventory we had. We needed better customer service and a tool to keep up with the larger events we were starting to do. Throughout the trial, the Goodshuffle Pro team held our hand every step of the way. And once we made the change, the service continued. It wasn’t all just for the sale.
Goodshuffle Pro user, Melissa Carrier, from Total Events

Melissa Carrier

Total Events

“Goodshuffle Pro has been a game-changer for my business. We have been looking for this event rental solution for years. They have nailed so many of the requirements of a modern web-based event rental software including online contract signatures, auto-pay, simple inventory entry and control, and so much more. I cannot express how happy we are to have found and implemented Goodshuffle Pro. It is also very reasonably priced!”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Nick Muzzatti of event company Snap Entetainment

Nick Muzzatti

Snap Entertainment

“I have used 3-4 different production suites like Goodshuffle Pro and the problem with all of them is that they are cumbersome and don't have easy access to support and help. Goodshuffle Pro is hands down the best customer support I have ever had with a software platform.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Spencer Russell of Keynote Event Services

Spencer Russell

Keynote Event Services

“Goodshuffle Pro is a fabulous program! We are loving the features that it provides our event design business. The QuickBooks Online integration is an added bonus and the customer service team is prompt and responsive!”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Marlee Wilson, of DFW Event Design

Marlee Wilson

DFW Event Design

“Goodshuffle Pro is simple and quick to use. The forward-thinking technology is easy to use. The customer service is great at getting you what you need as quickly as possible. Because of Goodshuffle Pro, I no longer have to work weekends.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Raviv Kunets, of R5 Event Design

Raviv Kunets

R5 Event Design

“Goodshuffle Pro has been such a huge help for us in so many ways. Our clients are able to see our products with the pictures option on each item which has been a huge time-saver for us. As the production manager, our inventory is one of my main responsibilities, so having a good inventory program is key. The ease of use with this program is second to none. Our old inventory was software was old and outdated and had features that we didn't use simply because they were hard to navigate. Goodshuffle Pro provides great tutorials and a staff that is always here to answer the numerous questions we had!”
Goodshuffle Pro, Callie Pedlow of Eventures Inc.

Callie Pedlow

Eventures Inc.

“My experience has been fantastic. The software is very easy to use. Easy inventory entry, easy color-coordinated filing for quotes and invoices, and easy map routing. The payouts are seamless. There is an easy question bubble on the site where you can ask questions and your questions will be answered. No fee for training and onboarding. And there are online training classes via Zoom.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Yvonne Madueke of Avalon Event Rentals

Yvonne Madueke

Avalon Event Rentals

“With Goodshuffle Pro, we can now handle twice as many customers during the week, because we are working that much faster, while still being detailed in the process. With our previous software, it would take an average of one week to get paid. It was a laborious process. Now, with Goodshuffle Pro, we are averaging getting paid within 2 hours. Easy peasy! And, the days of using clipboards and checklists for our inventory are over! We now can automate our inventory process and keep close track of our DJ gear and inventory every week. We love it!”
Goodshuffle Pro user, KC Campbell of VOX DJs

KC Campbell


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