One of the nation’s largest live event companies was wasting time and losing track of inventory. Goodshuffle Pro showed them a better way.

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VOX DJs is the largest DJ company, and one of the top live entertainment companies, on the west coast of the United States. With 1,000+ positive reviews on Yelp, The Knot, and WeddingWire, its customer feedback and client roster speaks for itself.

The company has more than 160 employees that span across four offices in California and Arizona. Managing event logistics at scale is difficult enough; doing it while managing a large staff is even harder.

The VOX team knew it needed to make a change, especially when it came to inventory. Its existing software didn’t track gear correctly, which forced them to use an outdated clipboard system across all four offices.

It needed a software that could handle every part of its business: inventory, sales, contracts, logistics, and team management. After doing some research, Goodshuffle Pro emerged as the best solution.

How We Helped

VOX had spent years working around the limitations of its previous software, and it didn’t take long to realize how inefficient the lack of technology was making their process.

“The days of using clipboards and checklists for our inventory were over,” remembers owner KC Campbell. “Suddenly, everything was automated, and we always knew the inventory count. We loved it!”

With advanced inventory management and automated digital pull sheets, VOX’s crew could easily see what to check in and out for every job, even if items changed after the first quote. This quickly reduced logistics errors, while also saving time and headaches for management.

But Goodshuffle Pro didn’t just solve the challenges VOX originally knew about; it also revealed new opportunities. Until it changed softwares, VOX didn’t realize how much its old solution was slowing down its sales process.

“In the old days, it took an average of one week to get paid,” says Campbell. “Now we’re getting paid within hours.”

Online quotes & contracts and automated billing reminders help VOX DJs gets paid 90% faster.

“With Goodshuffle Pro, we can handle twice as many customers. We’re working that much faster, yet still being detailed in the process.”

KC Campbell


Faster payments help VOX DJs close more business and reduce tedious back-and-forths, but is also helped them save money by consolidating tools.

“Before Goodshuffle Pro, we were about to sign up for Docusign,” Campbell remembers. “When we started our 14-day trial, we realized we didn’t need it anymore. It was such a relief!”

The free trial itself also really stood out to the VOX team, who knew their unique business would require a custom solution, rather than something “plug and play.” Goodshuffle Pro’s customer support guided them through the process, allowing them to properly evaluate their options.

“The Goodshuffle Pro team was always so accommodating,” says Campbell. “They were always around to meet and help us customize the software.”

Years later, VOX DJs continues to run its business on Goodshuffle Pro, and continues to rank among the nation’s top live event companies. As it looks to the future, it can confidently plan for further growth.

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