A 20-year industry veteran was getting slowed down by rigid, outdated event software. Goodshuffle Pro helped his business adapt.

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If you’ve ever planned an event in Las Vegas and wanted something more than the standard tables, chairs, and linens, chances are you’ve heard the phrase: “Just Call Gary.”

“Gary” is Gary Bordman, a 20+ year industry veteran and the owner of Amusement, Exhibit & Event Services (AE&ES). He’s famous for going above and beyond to meet a client’s vision, even if it means adding new, unique inventory.

But by early 2020, Gary had grown frustrated with his  event software, which was slowing down operations, client payments, and accounting. When COVID-19 forced his company to pivot to virtual events, the old software couldn’t keep up.

That was Gary’s last straw, and he set out to find a new solution. He saw a demo of Goodshuffle Pro at a trade show, and knew he had found a match.

How We Helped

While his previous software felt disorganized and rigid, Goodshuffle Pro immediately stood out for its ease-of-use and flexibility.

“In Goodshuffle Pro, we don’t have to go hunting for information that should at our fingertips,” says Gary. “It’s saved us so much time.”

This was true despite the fact that during COVID-19, he needed to manage both physical and virtual “inventory.” To survive the pandemic, he pivoted to offering Virtual Game Shows, which bring the fun of interactive gaming to any device.

He wasn’t sure a software could reconcile the new products with his existing products, but when he reached out to customer support, he was thrilled to learn not only that the software could handle it — but that a team of experts would walk him through how to set it up.

“The customer support is amazing,” Gary remembers. “If you ask, you receive. Almost instantly, someone is available to help you.”

Excited to accomplish more with his new software, Gary also added the Website Integration, which allowed him to generate event leads through his website. Despite not being a tech expert, he was blown away by how easy the integration was to manage.

“I’m not a ‘tech guy,’ but I can still create all the website content, and we convert 75% of our website leads.”

Gary Bordman


Whether leads come through the website or in the “old-fashioned way,” Goodshuffle Pro also helps Gary speed up the sales and payment process.

With digital contracts and online payments, leads convert faster and with less tedious back-and-forth. Goodshuffle Pro’s secure integration with Stripe also helps the money hit Gary’s bank account sooner. All things told, the payment process is 50% faster than before.

With Goodshuffle Pro’s QuickBooks Integration, the business has also seen a 50% reduction on accounting time. The integration automates much of a formerly manual process.

“I no longer have to put a separate invoice into QuickBooks,” says Steffany Avera, the company’s head of staffing & marketing management. “I don’t have to physically add the payment in QuickBooks either.”

AE&ES came to Goodshuffle Pro in a time of crisis — not just for the event industry, but the entire city of Las Vegas. It was looking for a way to weather the storm, but it found something so much better: a long-term solution and valued strategic partner.

“Goodshuffle Pro listens to its users,” concludes Gary. “They’re always asking for input. It’s the best solution I’ve found to running my business.”

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