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Connect inventory, services, and packages to your website, and start receiving quote requests in your sleep.

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How it Works

Bring your showroom online

Connect your inventory management software to your website, then customize all of the colors, icons, layouts and categories for your brand. You can even feature portfolios of past work, with prompts for clients to request the same package or collection.

Book sales in your sleep

Clients can browse your inventory and services, then add desired items to an online “wishlist.” The wishlist creates a quote in Goodshuffle Pro, but the quote doesn’t go to the client until you approve it.

Work fast, but stay in control

When you receive an online quote submission, you’ll immediately see alerts for any inventory conflicts. If you need to replace over-booked items, you can easily find alternates, add them to the quote, and send the updated version to the client.

Edit your inventory — no code required

Any update you make in Goodshuffle Pro automatically appears on your website. Whether you’re adding new inventory, changing your prices, or updating your tax rates, you’ll only need to do it once. No mixed messaging, no extra work, no need to call a “tech person.”

“I’m not a ‘tech guy,’ but I can still create all the website content, and we convert 75% of our website leads.”

Gary Bordman


Gary Bordman


Elevate your online presence

Build a beautiful virtual showroom that enhances your brand and shows off your inventory. Customize the colors, icons, categories, and layouts to match your brand and business needs, and drive more potential clients to your site with powerful SEO tools.

Simplify your sales experience

Our Website Integration acts like a member of your sales team. It guides potential clients to your most profitable items and packages, upsells add-ons, and builds new proposals without you lifting a finger. You and your clients will both agree the process feels smoother.

“The integration made our website look incredible — and reduced the time we spend on website updates by 95%.”

Cam Petty

Render Events

Cam Petty

Render Events

Maintain full control of proposals

The Website Integration makes building and sending quotes easier, but it never sends a quote on your behalf. It gives you the time and tools you need to resolve inventory conflicts, ask clarifying questions, and decide how to handle next steps.

Experience fast ROI

For every $1 event pros spend on the Website Integration, they make back an average of $139 in booked revenue. 
In most cases, the first event they book through their website pays for the whole year — and then some.

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Check out this short explainer video, or schedule a demo with a member of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below, contact us here for a prompt response.

What do I need to start?

A Goodshuffle Pro account and a website (we recommend Squarespace if you don’t already have one!). Get a quick demo with one of our specialists to go over your options and questions first, if you like!

What website platforms do you integrate with?

Squarespace, Webflow, Showit, WordPress, and several other options. We find we integrate with most, although we currently don’t offer fully customizable solutions for Wix or Joomla websites.

What's the upfront cost?

The integration is free during your Goodshuffle Pro free trial, then $79/month when billed annually after that. There is no upfront cost required, but if you’d like help with the implementation and customization, you’ll want to work with one of our developer partners.

Do you host the website for me?

Nope! We want to give you full creative control over your website and your brand. If you’re looking to build a new website from scratch, we recommend talking to our preferred partners who can set you up with a website plus the integration.

What if I am not an "Event Rental" company?

If you’re a custom production firm, a DJ company, or one of our partners with a unique business model, you can still take advantage of our Website Wishlist Integration. You can fully customize what inventory items and/or packages show on the site and enjoy the lead capture functionalities. Let’s chat on a 1:1 demo!

How do I make edits on the website?

One of the great advantages of our integration is that, once it’s implemented, you can update inventory directly from Goodshuffle Pro. You can add photos, remove inventory, change descriptions, and more without having to edit the website itself.

Do I need a shopping plugin?

No! The Wishlist operates in conjunction with the Goodshuffle Pro software, so you don’t need any additional shopping plugins. In fact, you should not have a shopping plugin, as it could actually impede the Wishlist’s functionality.

Do I need to know how to code?

No! We have all custom code snippets available in our Developer Documentation, which makes it easy for you. For a basic integration, we’re happy to lend a hand. For a more custom look and feel, we recommend a Preferred Partner, as they are website experts.

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