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Event professionals' guides to success

inventory management with goodshuffle pro

Inventory Management

This is the ultimate guide to inventory management: purchase, manage, and track inventory to gain powerful insights to make strategic decisions for your event business.

website strategy for event companies

Website Strategy

Build the best website for your event company with these tips. You don't have to be “tech-y” to have a beautiful, branded, lead-generating website: here's how.

event rental pricing strategy

Pricing Strategy

Explore this comprehensive overview of pricing strategy for event rental professionals including tips on item pricing, delivery fees, upselling, and more.

how to start an event company: idea, hard work, profit

How To Start An Event Company

Are you looking to start an event or party rental company? Learn about industry niches, inventory ordering, team management, important tools, and more in this complete guide.

software security for event companies

Software Security

Learn about security and how it applies to your event business when it comes to payment processing, accounting, and event rental software. Protect yourself and your company now.


Choosing the Smartest Technology for Your Event Business

Choosing the smartest technology for your event business webinar

Managing Event Rental Chaos - The Solution for the New Pop Up World

Gathergeeks event rental chaos podcast with Goodshuffle Pro

Tackling Your 2021 Goals With Goodshuffle Pro

Tackling your 2021 goals with Goodshuffle Pro webinar

Elevate Your Website: Tips, Tricks, and Common Mistakes

Event Business Website Tips, Tricks, and Common Mistakes Webinar

Elevate Your Website: UX (User Experience) Basics

UX basics for event professionals webinar

Elevate Your Website: SEO Tips for Event Professionals

SEO tips for event professionals webinar

5 Powerful Steps to Stay Ahead This Busy Season

5 Steps to Stay Ahead This Busy Season, webinar with Kate Patay and Goodshuffle Pro

Goodshuffle Pro User Q&A - An Exclusive Interview

Goodshuffle Pro user webinar

How Sperry Tents Hamptons Became An Industry Leader

How Sperry Tents Hamptons Became an Industry Leader webinar

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