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We're simplifying the chaos of the events industry. We're a solid mix of events nerds and technology nerds, but mostly we're all passionate problem solvers who are dedicated to empowering your business and your events. But enough about us... tell us about you!
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Company Values

Goodshuffle Pro value: sincerely care

Sincerely Care

About Yourself
About Your Team
About Your Work

Goodshuffle Pro value: learn from everything

Learn from Everything

Listen Intently
Stay Curious
Don’t Fear Failure; Fear Not Learning

Goodshuffle Pro value: speak up

Speak Up

Liberally Share Knowledge
Seek to Solve
Recognize and Appreciate

Goodshuffle Pro value: show up

Show Up

Come Prepared
Execute Diligently
Honor Accountability

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Goodshuffle Pro. Let's connect!
Erik Dreyer, co-founder of Goodshuffle Pro

Erik Dreyer


Andrew Garcia, co-founder of Goodshuffle Pro

Andrew Garcia


Karen Gordon, VP of Growth at Goodshuffle Pro

Karen Gordon

VP, Growth

Collin Connor, Customer Success Lead at Goodshuffle Pro

Colin Connor

Customer Success Lead

Mallory Mullen, Sales Executive at Goodshuffle Pro

Mallory Mullen

Sales Executive

Carmen Bodziak, Marketing Associate at Goodshuffle Pro

Carmen Bodziak

Marketing Associate

Adam Specker, Software Developer at Goodshuffle Pro

Adam Specker

Software Developer

Matt Pierzynski, software developer at Goodshuffle Pro

Matt Pierzynski

Software Developer

Jake Scotto, Account Specialist at Goodshuffle Pro

Jake Scotto

Account Specialist

Francesca Chicolte, Business Development Rep at Goodshuffle Pro

Francesca Chilcote

Business Development Rep

Jessica Powers, Data Analyst at Goodshuffle Pro

Jessica Powers

Data Specialist

Emily Noel, Marketing Intern at Goodshuffle Pro

Emily Noel

Marketing Intern

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