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We're simplifying the chaos of the events industry. We're a solid mix of events nerds and technology nerds, but mostly we're all passionate problem solvers who are dedicated to empowering your business and your events. But enough about us... tell us about you!
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Our company values

Goodshuffle Pro value: sincerely care

Sincerely Care

About Yourself
About Your Team
About Your Work

Goodshuffle Pro value: speak up

Speak Up

Liberally Share Knowledge
Seek to Solve
Recognize and Appreciate

Goodshuffle Pro value: learn from everything

Learn from Everything

Listen Intently
Stay Curious
Don’t Fear Failure; Fear Not Learning

Goodshuffle Pro value: show up

Show Up

Come Prepared
Execute Diligently
Honor Accountability

Goodshuffle Pro's history

Learn our story and how we came to be one of the most trusted event rental software providers in North America.

Goodshuffle was founded in 2013 on the idea that rentals should be easy, fast, and accessible for everyone. One of our co-founders, Andrew Garcia, had a DJ business in college, and found that renting out equipment could be difficult and tedious. With his many years of experience as a Full Stack Developer, he knew he could change that. He partnered with Erik Dreyer, our other co-founder and UX extraordinaire, to build technology that made rentals easy.
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Co-founders of Goodshuffle Pro

Their first rental marketplace was targeted at peer-to-peer rentals, but after receiving so much demand for event rentals, they transitioned to gear their rental solutions to the industry from which Andrew originally came: events.

After interviewing a diverse array of event professionals, the pair realized they first must build a comprehensive software system in order to maximize the rental experience for both the vendors and the renters. They wanted to design a software program that not only did what event professionals needed it to do, but made it easy, fast and delightful along the way.
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With renewed focus, the duo hit the ground running. They hired our Senior Vice President, Karen Gordon, who had years of experience growing companies in both the events and technology sectors. The trio launched their SaaS platform, Goodshuffle Pro, in 2017 as a beta program and officially premiered the software at a tradeshow in January 2018.

By 2019 the software was in 45 US states, Canada and Mexico. The company was crowned “Best Tech Startup in DC” and one of the “Coolest Places to Work” in 2020. Since then, our team, userbase, and product have grown exponentially— and this is just the beginning.
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We are a team of former event professionals and passionate technology professionals who are dedicated to creating the best solution for our industry. We believe that technology can, and should, be easy to use. Our software is designed specifically for you and your business. You know events, we know you— let’s work together to empower your growth.

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Erik Dreyer, co-founder of Goodshuffle Pro

Erik Dreyer


Andrew Garcia, co-founder of Goodshuffle Pro

Andrew Garcia


Karen Gordon, VP of Growth at Goodshuffle Pro

Karen Gordon

Senior Vice President

Colin Connor

Customer Success Lead

Mallory Mullen, Sales Executive at Goodshuffle Pro

Mallory Mullen

Sales Executive

Carmen Bodziak, Marketing Associate at Goodshuffle Pro

Carmen Bodziak

Marketing Associate

Adam Specker, Software Developer at Goodshuffle Pro

Adam Specker

Software Developer

Jake Scotto, Account Specialist at Goodshuffle Pro

Jake Scotto

Account Specialist

Michael Thompson headshot

Michael Thompson

Software Developer

Richard Rice headshot, software engineer at Goodshuffle Pro

Richard Rice

Software Engineer

Melissa Teague, account specialist at Goodshuffle Pro

Melissa Teague

Account Specialist

Francesca Chicolte, Business Development Rep at Goodshuffle Pro

Francesca Chilcote

Business Development Rep

Zoe Cogan, Goodshuffle Pro

Zoe Cogan

Business Development Associate

Meaghan Frost, intern at Goodshuffle Pro

Meaghan Frost

Business Intern

Perry Simon headshot

Perry Simon

Marketing Intern

Maria Russinovich, intern at Goodshuffle Pro

Maria Russinovich

Marketing Intern

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