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Our base plan includes one full user and one limited user, but you can add as many users as you require. All accounts come with top-rated support from our dedicated team of event experts.

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Full Users


/ month per user

Office Staff, Salespeople, Bookkeepers – Full Users have access to everything except Admin-only privileges.

Limited Users


/ month per user

Warehouse Team, Drivers, Installers Limited Users have the features they need to get the job done, but without sensitive details like contract info.

Read-Only Users


/ month unlimited users

DJs, Dealers, Contractors Read-Only users can access necessary details for assigned jobs, but can’t make any changes.

Add Integrations

Website Integration


/ month

Integrate your Goodshuffle Pro inventory with your current
website and allow your customers to request items and services
for their desired dates.

Quickbooks Online


/ month

Sync orders & contacts for seamless accounting. All contracts and payments in Goodshuffle Pro automatically push to your QuickBooks Online account.

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99 / month

All accounts include 1 Full User & 1 Limited User, plus free and unparalleled customer support.

Full Users (1 included)
Limited Users (1 included)
Read-Only Users
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“Goodshuffle Pro has grown our portfolio of clients, and is easy to use for our staff. The value added to my business is way beyond its price.”
Oscar Sanchez

Ambrosia Events

“We’ve freed up time and won more business with Goodshuffle Pro. The savings on time and labor alone far outweigh the cost.”
Luna Tolunay

Fun Planners

“Goodshuffle Pro feels like an extension of our business. The longer we've been with them, the more we know we made the right decision.”
Cam Petty

Render Events

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Questions about Goodshuffle Pro?

If your question isn’t answered below, contact us here for a prompt response.

Is Goodshuffle Pro right for my unique business?

We hear it all the time: “My business is a bit unique…” If you don’t feel like you quite fit into the industries we’ve listed, shoot us a chat! We have a flexible platform that’s built for most event companies with inventory.

What's the difference between "Full," "Limited," and "Read Only"?

Full users can create proposals and bill clients. They typically have roles like sales, admins, or designers. Limited users check inventory in and out and complete tasks. They typically have roles like warehouse manager, driver, installer, or event coordinator. A “Read Only” seat can’t do anything in the system, but can see PDF docs for their events/gigs like pull sheets and schedules (contractors, talent, etc.)

What are the details of the free 14-day trial?

Your free 14-day trial takes place in a real account with no limitations or restrictions. If you purchase a paid account after the trial (or pause before starting payment), you do not have to start over in a new account. You also get free and unparalleled customer support from a dedicated Onboarding Specialist.

Is the trial account a real account?

Yes! Once your free 2-week trial ends and you decide to move forward, your account and everything in it kicks over to your paid subscription.

How will this save me money?

The biggest savings you will see is time. You’re likely paying employees (or yourself) to manually copy/paste date, double check/count inventory on invoices, and organize/send paperwork. Our system will take all of that off your plate— and more! You also can stop last minute subrenting or buying items at a premium cost, because we’ll have your inventory fully counted far in advance. Finally, you can drop additional tools like your workflow management system, your proposal system, merchant services, docusign, etc.

Are there fees for implementation?

No. Implementation support is free.

Are there fees for uploading too much inventory?

No. You can upload unlimited inventory at no extra cost.

Are there fees for training and support?

No. Our customer service team offers free, unlimited training & support throughout your entire Goodshuffle Pro experience — not just your trial. It is widely hailed as the best customer service team in the industry.

How much do merchant services cost?

There are no monthly fee or support costs. Only the processing and transfer fees Stripe charges per transaction.

2.9% + $0.30 for credit card payments (+ 2% for international cards) with a 0.25% transfer fee per payment. 1% with a maximum fee of $60 per charge for ACH payments with no ‘Transfer Fee’. $0.25 deposit fee per payout.

Are the costs for integrations per month?

While the integrations can be purchased monthly, we recommend purchasing them at the annual rate to get the best value, just like all seats. Our integrations are regularly updated to run smoothly with the technology to which they’re connected.

Do you serve areas outside of the United States?

We currently only support companies located in the United States (excluding Puerto Rico) and Canada. To be added to a waiting list for other countries and territories, please send us a message in our chat bubble!

Can I use this on mobile devices?

Absolutely! Goodshuffle Pro is completely mobile-friendly so you can access from a cell phone, tablet, or any device with internet anywhere any time. Edit proposals from your kid’s soccer game, or while sipping a margarita on the beach!

How do I get started?

Contact our sales team for a free 1:1 demo. They’ll show you how the product works, answer questions specific to your use cases, then help you set your free 14-day trial account.

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