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A creative event design company was juggling too many softwares, and losing too many hours. Goodshuffle Pro helped them do their best work.

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Cam Petty has always been a renaissance woman. So it’s fitting that her company, Render Collective, has several different arms in several different parts of the event industry.

One of those arms is Render Events, an inventive creative firm that offers elevated rentals and florals to the Dallas, TX, area. With intentional design and exceptional service, the business has gained a strong reputation and worked alongside clients such as Google, Nike, Amazon, and — of course — its hometown Dallas Cowboys.

But the road to the top was difficult. Five years ago, Petty and her team were exhausted. They had too many softwares that each did too few things, and jumping between all those systems was tedious and error-prone. They needed an all-in-one software to manage their business, so they could focus more time and energy on being creative.

Enter: Goodshuffle Pro.

How We Helped

Goodshuffle Pro quickly lived up to its claim as an “all-in-one software” for event professionals. Before Goodshuffle Pro, Render needed 4-5 tools to book clients and get them through the sales process. With Goodshuffle Pro, it only needed one — and that same tool could also be used for planning, tracking, and logistics through the date of the event.

“It’s saved me so much time,” says Petty, who invested that time in the strategic growth of the company. “Before Goodshuffle Pro, we used RW Elephant, and it was just to much tedious work.”

One of the biggest ways Render uses Goodshuffle Pro is on its website, which Petty says clients constantly rave about. With Goodshuffle Pro’s Website Integration, Render customized the branding and design to specification, all while providing a seamless place for clients to request items and packages.

“We used to do 250 events (per year) at $750 an order. Now we’re doing 500 events, and the average order is $4,500.”

Cam Petty

Render Events

“The integration encourages more people to actually follow through after browsing your website,” says Petty of how the Website Integration has transformed her business. “It also increases repeat clients, because working with you is so easy.”

To that second point, Petty says that Goodshuffle Pro “easily” saves her team 1-2 hours per order. Given that they quote about 1,000 events per year, she estimates saving a total of 1,500 hours per year.

“If you have 40 hours a week, and suddenly 20 hours are given back to you, imagine what you can accomplish,” she explains. “If you even just spend 10 of those hours hunting down new business, you’ll probably increase revenue quite a bit.”

That’s exactly what Render was looking for when it set out to find a new software. Several years into the partnership, it feels like that’s what they got.

“The longer we’ve been with Goodshuffle Pro, the more we know we made the right decision,” says Petty.

“It feels like an extension of our business.”

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