Bristow Party Rentals

A family-owned rental business was drowning in busywork, and needed to increase profits without adding staff. Goodshuffle Pro made it possible.

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Bristow Party Rentals is a family-owned rental company that serves the “DMV” area of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Founder Lily Harrison and her nephew, Paul Cameron, started the company in 2017 and opened their storefront in 2018. They couldn’t have known it then, but this meant they had extremely limited time to establish their business before COVID-19 rocked the events world in 2020.

Their customer service and personal touch helped them gain a foothold, but administrative tasks were eating into their time, and thus eating into their profits. They didn’t have the budget to hire more staff. What they needed was a tool that could help them get more from their current staff.

How We Helped

In the first three months after setting up Goodshuffle Pro, Bristow Party Rentals increased sales by 71%.

“The software runs itself,” says Cameron, who noted that clients were paying faster due to user-friendy online payments and automated billing reminders. “Goodshuffle Pro just takes care of everything.”

The biggest time savings — and the biggest profits — came from using Goodshuffle Pro’s Website Integration, which Cameron calls a “work of art.”

Bristow Party Rentals gave its website a fresh new look, allowed clients to browse inventory online and submit “wishlists,” then sped up the process of servicing those clients on the back end. All through Goodshuffle Pro.

“Words can’t cover how much we love the Website Integration. It doubled our sales — and it’s a win-win, because now our process requires a lot fewer calls and emails.”

Paul Cameron

Bristow Party Rentals

With Goodshuffle Pro in place, Paul and Lily had more time for business strategy, relationship-building, and event execution. When the pandemic hit, their ability to function with a leaner team, plus the extra revenue coming through their website, allowed them to weather the storm.

With the pandemic now behind them, the business continues to grow its regional footprint…and its partnership with Goodshuffle Pro.

“Working with the Goodshuffle Pro team is great,” says Cameron. “It feels like a friendship. They don’t see clients as a sale or a number, but as individuals.”

As Bristow Party Rentals looks to the future, they plan to bring on more team members and potentially expand into event venue management. With Goodshuffle Pro by their side, they feel prepared to tackle anything.

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