Connect inventory, services, and packages to your website, and start booking sales in your sleep.

  • Boost sales as customers browse your online inventory.
  • Quickly generate quotes after customers submit wishlists.
  • Automate 90% of the time you spend on your website.

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Render Co using Goodshuffle pro website wishlist Integration

How it Works

Goodshuffle's Website Integration explainer video

Features You’ll Love

Add & manage inventory in one place

Create a custom virtual showroom

Receive online Wishlist submissions

Showcase products and services

Upsell items and accessories

Spotlight previous events, categories, and packages

Add Manage Inventory in one place Goodshuffle Pro Rental Software

Add & manage inventory in one place

Ensure your website is up-to-date without spending extra hours on maintaining it.

Custom Showroom using Goodshuffle Pro Website Wishlist Integration

Create a custom virtual showroom

Choose your colors, preferred icons, and display preferences to represent your brand and unique business model.

Receive Online Wishlist Submissions using Goodshuffle Pro Rental Software

Receive online Wishlist submissions

Save time on sales when clients submit a Wishlist online which turns into a new project in Goodshuffle Pro.

Showcase example Website Wishlist Example Goodshuffle Pro

Showcase products and services

Win over new customers with beautiful photos and detailed descriptions.

Upsell items and accessories using Goodshuffle Pro Rental Software

Upsell items and accessories

Lock in must-have accessories and suggest optional complementary products and upgrades to increase sales.

Spotlight previous events Website integration example Goodshuffle Pro

Spotlight previous events, categories, and packages

Inspire clients with your portfolio of work and leave them captivated by designing top-selling packages and specially-curated collections.

Over $140M in online quotes booked for event businesses. Ready to get started?

User Examples

Everyone says our website looks STELLAR. The integration really made our website look incredible. Plus, it's reduced the time we spend on website updates and maintenance by 95%. Previously, it would take 2-4 hours each week, and now it only takes 2 hours each month.
Cam Petty
Render Events

Words can’t cover how amazing the Website Wishlist Integration is. It’s a work of art. It’s doubled our sales. The wishlist is great because we can respond to potential clients faster, and the quicker the response can be, the higher the conversion rate is.
Paul Cameron
Bristow Party Rentals

Without the online presence of our inventory with the Wishlist, we wouldn’t be in business, to be honest with you. It should be easy for clients to see a price, "check out" items, get a quote, and do it fast.
Jeff Munro
Munro Enterprises

I love the Website Wishlist Integration. I'm not the web guy, but I can create all the content and it's easy to edit. I also like how it looks. The wishlist has cut the time we spend on updating our website by 90%. We also have a 75% conversion rate from the leads coming in through the wishlist.
Gary Bordman

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start?

A Goodshuffle Pro account and a website (we recommend Squarespace if you don’t already have one!). Get a quick demo with one of our specialists to go over your options and questions first, if you like!

What website platforms do you integrate with?

Squarespace, Webflow, Showit, WordPress, and several other options. We find we integrate with most, although we currently don’t offer fully customizable solutions for Wix or Joomla websites.

What's the upfront cost?

The integration is free during your Goodshuffle Pro free trial, then $79/month when billed annually after that. There is no upfront cost required, but if you’d like help with the implementation and customization, you’ll want to work with one of our developer partners.

Do you host the website for me?

Nope! We want to give you full creative control over your website and your brand. If you’re looking to build a new website from scratch, we recommend talking to our preferred partners who can set you up with a website plus the integration.

What if I am not an "Event Rental" company?

If you’re a custom production firm, a DJ company, or one of our partners with a unique business model, you can still take advantage of our Website Wishlist Integration. You can fully customize what inventory items and/or packages show on the site and enjoy the lead capture functionalities. Let’s chat on a 1:1 demo!

How do I make edits on the website?

One of the great advantages of our integration is that, once it’s implemented, you can update inventory directly from Goodshuffle Pro. You can add photos, remove inventory, change descriptions, and more without having to edit the website itself.

Do I need a shopping plugin?

No! The Wishlist operates in conjunction with the Goodshuffle Pro software, so you don’t need any additional shopping plugins. In fact, you should not have a shopping plugin, as it could actually impede the Wishlist’s functionality.

Do I need to know how to code?

No! We have all custom code snippets available in our Developer Documentation, which makes it easy for you. For a basic integration, we’re happy to lend a hand. For a more custom look and feel, we recommend a Preferred Partner, as they are website experts.

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