Top 6 Reasons Why Goodshuffle Pro Chose to Partner with Stripe for Payment Processing

Choosing a payment processor is an important decision that none of us want to have to think about. Will my clients find it difficult to use? Is it secure? Will I have to remember ANOTHER password? Do I even need a payment processor? The good news is that we did the research and found a company we believe is best suited to Goodshuffle Pro and to our clients: Stripe.

Why is a payment processor important for event companies?

Before we go any further, I want to talk a little bit about why having a payment processor is important. As technology advances, people and companies are navigating away from manual forms of payments (like checks). They are relying more and more on digital forms of payment. That doesn’t mean that people no longer use checks, so much as that they’d often prefer the swipe-and-go speed and simplicity of a card. This also means that credit card fraud is becoming a bigger concern.

Selecting an exceptional payment processor that offers additional protection for you and your clients— while still allowing your clients the convenience they’ve become accustomed to— is vital to running a successful, modern business.

Why should I choose Stripe for payment processing?

So, why Stripe? There are a lot of options available, after all. But after careful review, Stripe came out on top— there’s a reason they are also partnered with Google, Amazon, and Shopify!  Let’s talk about why.

  1. It’s secure. Stripe meets and maintains PCI DSS Level 1 Standards, which is the highest level a payment processor can hold.
  2. No, it’s insanely secure. Stripe offers bank-level security and encryption to store credit cards on their servers, removing that liability for us, our clients, and their clients. Think of it as having your own digital vault for your client’s financial information.
  3. It offers seamless integration within Goodshuffle Pro. This means you’ll have a single login with everything you need for processing payments, inventory management, and event planning in the same place. No more hopping around between multiple websites and software!
  4. Stripe is fast and easy to use. It is adaptable and responsive, so whether you’re on a desktop or a mobile device the process will be smooth and hassle free. And because Goodshuffle Pro is a cloud-based event planning software, you can literally take it all with you, anywhere.
  5. Who doesn’t love automated billing? We know that busy event company owners and managers really don’t have time to manually manage billing on top of everything else. Let us help! From client payment reminders to automated payments, Stripe helps eliminate the need to seek out clients for payment. Plus, our clients report that they get paid faster when they use Stripe because it is so fast and easy to use. Clients have even noted getting paid twice as fast with Stripe, because clients can make payments on their own.
  6. Stripe offers built-in early warning fraud detection. They use advanced machine learning algorithms to detect suspicious purchasing patterns early, so they can get ahead of credit card fraud.

Why event professionals love Stripe for payment processing

Stripe really hits the key concerns of what to look for in a payment processor: security, speed, convenience, and extra fraud protection. The fact that we can achieve such a seamless integration with them is really the icing on the cake. We really believe that this partnership is a game changer for our clients. Read our post about why Goodshuffle Pro and Stripe are the perfect partnership to learn more!