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A 40-person tent rental company was struggling with slow, outdated industry software. With Goodshuffle Pro, it found a modern alternative.

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Increase in payment speed.

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Eric Larkin and Tim Daugherty, co-owners of Sperry Tents NJ, have been stalwarts of the Coastal New Jersey event scene for more than 15 years.

The tent rental business has grown to include 20 full-time and 20 seasonal employees. In addition to managing all of the parts and pieces needed for tent assembly, they needed to manage a complex team of people.

Larkin and Daugherty embraced the value of software, and thought it could help them manage these complexities. But after trying several “established” event rental softwares, they were constantly disappointed by how rigid, hard to customize, and generally outdated the products were.

They scheduled a demo with Goodshuffle Pro in 2017, and immediately knew it was different. And they haven’t looked back since.

How We Helped

The first thing Sperry Tents noticed about Goodshuffle Pro was the modern and intuitive user experience. The drag-and-drop quote builder slashed the time required to send proposals, while also enabling better customization.

“Our old software was slow and clunky,” says Daugherty. “In Goodshuffle Pro, things are fast and just make sense.”

“We were kicking ourselves for not making the jump sooner.”

Another feature that just “made sense” was digital contracts and billing. The business recorded a 50% increase in payment speed — and even when clients didn’t pay immediately, automated billing reminders closed them at a higher rate over time. No tedious back-and-forth needed.

With online quotes & contracts and automated billing reminders, Sperry Tents gets paid 50% faster.

“We tried all the major competitors before landing on Goodshuffle Pro. It’s five times better than any competing software.”

Eric Larkin

Sperry Tents NJ

More than anything, however, Sperry Tents realized that Goodshuffle Pro was sincerely committed to helping them — not just making a sale.

“The only thing better than the software is the customer service,” says Daugherty. “It’s probably the best I have ever experienced.

“Our old software was not ambitious and didn’t listen to input on how to make the product better. With Goodshuffle Pro, the sales and tech team have been with us every step of the way.”

Like many event professionals, Daugherty and Larkin built their business on the back of client service, on going the extra mile to deliver what customers need. With Goodshuffle Pro, they found a partner that does the same.

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