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Event professionals across North America have significantly grown their businesses with Goodshuffle Pro's event rental software. This flexible tool has empowered #eventprofs like you to save time and money, streamline their operations, and widen their customer base. Read their stories now and get started on your own business today!

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How This Event Company Successfully Pivoted and is Now Paid 50% Faster




Gary Bordman, owner of Las Vegas's AE&ES, made the decision to switch to Goodshuffle Pro's event rental software because he was looking for a tool that would streamline their accounting and get them paid faster. The events services company immediately saw major results, including a 50% increase in payment speed and other time-saving benefits.

After switching to Goodshuffle Pro, AE&ES saw many benefits such as:

  • Paid 50% faster
  • 50% less time spent on accounting with the QuickBooks Online Integration
  • Significantly less time spent on building quotes
  • Improved, more efficient organization and client communication
  • 90% less time spent on website maintenance
  • 75% conversion rate from the Website Integration on their website
  • Successful pivot to virtual events, products, and services during COVID-19

“With Goodshuffle Pro, we don’t have to go hunting for information that we should have at our fingertips. It has saved us so much time because everything is organized." - Gary Bordman

Read more about how Gary and his team got paid faster, spend less time on sales. and accounting, and are overall more efficient with Goodshuffle Pro.


This Event Company Cut Their Sales Process in Half and Booked More Business By Switching Software




Cam Petty, Founder & CEO of Render Events and Rental Biz Academy, switched from Render's old, lacking software to Goodshuffle Pro's all-in-one solution. Cam had one main goal in mind: streamline Render's toolset so the team could book more clients and expand the business. With Goodshuffle Pro, they blew this goal out of the water.

Goodshuffle Pro's impact on Render Events:

  • Paid 90% faster
  • 10 hours saved per week
  • 50% less time spent on building quotes
  • 50% decrease in the time spent on the sales process
  • 95% less time spent on website updates
  • 75% conversion rate with the Website Integration

"We feel like you are an extension of our business, you’re on Team Render and rooting for us at the end of the day, and coming up with any solution for us. The longer we’ve been with Goodshuffle Pro, the more we know that we made the right decision.” - Cam Petty

Learn how Cam and her team cut their sales process in half and brought in more clients and revenue with the right tool.



How This Event & Tent Rental Company Moved To Fast Software To See Fast Cash


Tent company business tips from Tremont Rentals team


These partners bought a tent and event company and inherited the "clunky, old" software that came with it. They switched to Goodshuffle Pro because they needed modern software that could keep up with and empower their fast-paced business. Not only did their team become more efficient, but their clients loved it too— they increased sales by more than 20%!

With powerful event rental software, Tremont Rentals saw:

  • 21% increase in sales within the first year
  • Increased customer satisfaction because of lightning-fast quotes
  • Immense time-saving benefits on top of improved flexibility— the team can access Goodshuffle Pro from anywhere on any device
  • Improved team accountability and communication, resulting in efficient and successful event execution

"There are so many pros to this software, from how easy to use it is, to how I can work from literally anywhere, to my customers loving the ability to look over the quote, sign, and pay the deposit all using one link. I really can't say enough good things about Goodshuffle Pro and how much their software has helped our company grow." - Shelby Glasser

Get the full scoop on Tremont Rentals' success and apply their best practices to your tent rental company.


How This Award-Winning DJ Company Streamlined Inventory Management Across 4 Offices


KC Campbell, VOX DJs of California


This award-winning DJ company needed to streamline inventory management as they expanded to multiple offices. The Owner, KC Campbell, decided to switch to Goodshuffle Pro from VOX DJs' old system so they could get paid faster and book more business. The results were drastic and incredibly positive— VOX DJs has called it a game-changer for their business operations.

The impact of Goodshuffle Pro's ultra-fast inventory management software on VOX DJs:

  • Paid 90% faster— from 1 week to only 2 hours
  • 50% less time spent on building quotes
  • 50% increase in booking capacity— they can now successfully handle twice as many events each week
  • Fully streamlined inventory management with inventory reports and digital pull sheets
  • Thriving virtual events business during COVID-19

“Goodshuffle Pro has been a game-changer in terms of event execution. The days of using clipboards and checklists for our inventory are over! We now can automate our inventory process and keep close track of our DJ gear and inventory every week. We love it!” - KC Campbell

Learn how you can streamline your event company's inventory management and book more business with Goodshuffle Pro.


This Party Rental Company Survived and Thrived During COVID-19 Because of Goodshuffle Pro


Bristow Party Rentals, event company in Virginia


Virginia-based Bristow Party Rentals is a small yet mighty family-owned event company. The team needed powerful, easy-to-use technology that would reduce stress and empower them to grow— without hiring additional people. Goodshuffle Pro was the right tool to help them take on that challenge.

The main impacts of Goodshuffle Pro on Bristow Party Rentals were:

  • 71% more sales in the first three months of using the software
  • 65% conversion rate with the customizable Website Integration on their website
  • Less time spent on building quotes
  • Organized client communication— all messages and emails are kept on a project's file within Goodshuffle Pro
  • More time and energy for high-level business decisions because the tedious work is done by the software

"Goodshuffle Pro is so easy and user-friendly. The software is running itself. Clients sign and pay easily. Everything is taken care of through Goodshuffle Pro. This makes our jobs 100x easier." - Paul Cameron

Learn how Bristow Party Rentals used Goodshuffle Pro to significantly increase sales revenue and cut time spent on tedious tasks.


This Event Company Cut Sales Time by 90% When They Switched to Modern, Flexible Software


Total Events team, event company in New York


After 19 years of success, Melissa Carrier, the owner of Total Events in New York, knew they could only continue their growth if they switched from their slow, outdated software to a powerful new system. After subscribing to Goodshuffle Pro, the event design company spends half as much time on their sales process and gets paid more than twice as fast.

Some of the most significant results of Total Events' switch to Goodshuffle Pro are:

  • 90% less time spent on the sales process
  • 50% less time spent building quotes
  • Paid 75% faster
  • 90% less time spent on website updates
  • 50% more leads coming through their website after installing the Website Integration

"It was an easy transition from our old system. The team offers amazing customer service and is very accommodating. The automated payment reminders have significantly reduced our accounts receivable!" - Melissa Carrier

Get paid faster and save hours of time in the sales process by switching to the right event rental software. Learn Total Events' secrets now.


How This Entertainment & Party Rental Company Cut Closing Time in Half


Snap Entertainment, event company in Maryland


Nick Muzzatti, the owner of Snap Entertainment in Maryland, cut closing time for his business in half when he switched his event company to Goodshuffle Pro's management software. With quote-building time cut by 50%, he can now send more total quotes and give more focus to high-level business strategy.

Goodshuffle Pro's main impacts on Snap Entertainment include:

  • 50% less time spent on building quotes
  • 30% more quotes and proposals sent, for more total revenue
  • Significantly less time spent following up with clients because of automatic payment reminders
  • More time spent on strategy and less time spent on tedious work

"Goodshuffle Pro has been a game-changer for my business. They have nailed so many of the requirements of a modern web-based event rental software. I cannot express how happy we are to have found and implemented Goodshuffle Pro." - Nick Muzzatti

Follow Nick's lead and cut your event company's closing time in half by switching to Goodshuffle Pro.


How This DJ & Entertainment Company Eliminated Double Booking

A2Z Music Factory

A2Z Music Factory, event rental company


This DJ and entertainment company eliminated double booking and completely streamlined their inventory management system by switching to Goodshuffle Pro. In addition to improving inventory management, they also wanted to increase total bookings and build their professional brand.

By switching to Goodshuffle Pro, A2Z Music Factory got great results, including:

  • 100% reduction of double booking inventory
  • 10% increase in total number of bookings
  • More streamlined, organized, and efficient inventory management system
  • Better customer service and client satisfaction because of organized client communication

"I haven't double booked a single piece of equipment since I've had the software and it's saved me so many headaches. My team and I are very grateful for their awesome customer service as we ask them questions all the time and they get right back to us with answers and help articles. Couldn't be happier or ask for anything more!" - Brandon Peltz

Learn how A2Z Music Factory completely eliminated double booking and, in turn, grew their customer base and total booking capacity.


How This Event Rental Company Got Paid 95% Faster with Goodshuffle Pro

Avalon Event Rentals

Untitled design - 2021-08-31T125552.117

Yvonne Madueke, Owner of Avalon Event Rentals, tried multiple other event software options before switching to Goodshuffle Pro, but were never satisfied by the interfaces and impact on their business. They have now cut their time building quotes in half, and have streamlined customer payments and interactions.

  • 95% faster quote responses and payments
  • 60% less time building quotes
  • 50% less time in the sales process
  • An hour less time checking and auditing inventory
  • Easier payments with internal e-sign and payment processing

“Goodshuffle Pro is on our team. It’s helping us sell better. [...] I don’t need to hire 3-4 more people, I can just pay my current team a little bit more so they can be even more efficient and happy.”

Streamline your events business with Goodshuffle Pro, the most user-friendly and time efficient all-in-one event management software.


How Goodshuffle Pro Made This Company's Sales Process 25% More Efficient

Sperry Tents NJ

Untitled design - 2021-08-31T130829.310


Eric Larkin and Tim Daugherty, Co-owners of Sperry Tents NJ, decided to switch to Goodshuffle Pro’s event rental software after trying multiple other rental systems, having started off managing their business through Excel spreadsheets. They love all of the features that allow them to cut out the more tedious customer interactions, which enables them to work more efficiently.

  • Paid 50% faster
  • 25% less time spent on building quotes
  • 25% decrease in time spent on the sales process
  • Improved efficiency using automatic payment reminders

“The common-sense approach that Goodshuffle Pro offers is amazing. The ease of simple changes vs. the competition is wonderful. The fact that it’s web-based is incredible.”

Elevate your company to its maximum efficiency with the most intuitive, industry-specific events management software, Goodshuffle Pro.


How this New Entrepreneur Grew a Thriving Event Production Business in the First 6 Months

AVLD Events

Success Story


The owner of audio visual production company, AVLD Events, launched and grew his new business using Goodshuffle Pro. As a first-time entrepreneur, Dan Longfellow used the software platform to make strategic business decisions, build and manage his team, and deliver personal and reliable service to his customers. When he officially decided to leave his job and start his own event business, he immediately subscribed to Goodshuffle Pro.

  • Team members build quotes in 5-30 minutes 
  • AVLD Events gets paid within 1 hour of sending the invoice
  • Dan easily onboards new team members to the system
  • There’s no room for human error with clear and organized inventory management

Dan was balancing the idea of fully starting a business while working his current job— even with how busy he was, his client base started to grow. He faced lots of challenges as he debated launching his own business.

Learn how to grow your thriving business based on this experience with Goodshuffle Pro.


How this Event Design Business Owner Eliminated Human Error on his Team with Goodshuffle Pro

L+B Event Decor

Lowe and Behold


Randy Lowe, founder and owner of L+B Event Decor, subscribed to Goodshuffle Pro after trying different software options, including expensive custom-built in-house software and a florals-specific program. Neither of these achieved his goals— he needed an all-in-one tool that could be easily used and accessed by his entire team, from sales to designers to drivers to accountants.

  • 50% decrease in time it takes to build quotes
  • 40% increase in customer capacity
  • 20% increase in payment speed
  • Streamlined inventory management with accurate, up-to-date inventory count

This allowed L+B Event Decor to become a “one-stop shop for everything that’s aesthetically pleasing about events.

Read more about L+B Event Decor's experience with Goodshuffle Pro to learn how you can eliminate human error and boost team efficiency for your event business.



While many event professionals choose Goodshuffle Pro as their first software program, there are lots of others who switch over to us from other systems. While every business has its own unique needs and goals, we tend to hear similar feedback from those who switch over. The biggest differentiators between Goodshuffle Pro and competitors are:

  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • No hidden fees— we never surprise you
  • Fast and friendly customer service— speak with a real person when you need help, and even get free, unlimited 1:1 trainings
  • We get it— built by and for event professionals, Goodshuffle Pro is designed with you in mind

Read our reviews on Capterra to learn more about why even professionals across North America have ranked us as a 5-star event rental software.


Get a free 1:1 demo with one of our team members today to walk through how Goodshuffle Pro's all-in-one solution can work for your event company.