How To Protect Your Event Clients in a Pandemic

If you are an event rental company, you have been navigating your way through the pandemic for 20 months now. While the events industry has taken big strides towards tackling the impact of Covid-19, there are many clients who still worry about their ability to plan events with ease.  Here are four things event companies should prioritize during Covid-19 to alleviate client concerns and leave them feeling secure when renting through your company!

  1. Let Them Know You Care About Their Safety
  2. Provide Rental Protection Plans
  3. Always Have a Plan B
  4. Utilize Digital Tools for Consultations

Let Them Know You Care About Their Safety

As “wash your hands!” has become the mantra of the pandemic, how can you let your clients know you are doing just that? By being efficient and transparent about your sanitation and hygiene efforts. Whether you are renting out equipment, gear, venues, or other unique services, be mindful of how and what you can be sanitizing. Think of all the ways your business can implement deep cleaning into its services. Moreover, try to let your clients know that you are keeping things squeaky clean!

If you are renting out equipment, with every transaction you can be sure to add reassuring reminders or notes stating: “this product has been disinfected and cleaned since its last use”.

If you are renting out a venue, be sure to incorporate hand-washing stations or hand-sanitizer dispenser stands around the space. You can also design tailored seating charts that leave the client feeling comfortable and confident in their guests’ safety.

If your business provides food or catering for an event, consider offering the option to serve guests individually instead of hosting an open buffet. You could also supply pre-packaged food boxes that guests can take with them when they depart. Make sure your clients know that all hygiene efforts were taken when preparing their meals!

While sanitation and hygiene may seem like an obvious notion, when it comes to event rentals, clients will gain more trust and loyalty for your business and brand when they are made aware of how much you care for their safety!

Provide Rental Protection Plans

If your company has not already done so, rental protection plans are a must! They work for both the client’s convenience and for yours. Having rental protection plans will leave most clients feeling secure when making their purchase. In the case that something goes wrong, clients know they are guaranteed a refund because they already paid an additional amount upfront. Rental protection plans also help your business, because clients are less likely to retaliate or leave a bad review in the scenario that something unwanted happens. Your business will also see more benefits in the long run, as you will likely sell more protection plans on rentals than you actually apply.

Now some clients may be hesitant to add a protection plan or insurance on their rental.  What could possibly go wrong in the world of events? Why do I need to pay extra? Well, this is where you gently remind clients that the pandemic sometimes brings undesirable outcomes like last-minute event cancellations. By adding a protection plan on their rental, they are making a smart investment and can feel secure about their upcoming event.

If your event business does decide to provide rental protection plans or insurances, make sure to follow through with them in the case they need to be used! Keeping clients happy should be the top priority, and if they paid for a protection plan, they are entitled to use it to its fullest extent as outlined.


Always Have a Plan B

Now that you already offer rental protection plans and sanitize all your rental products, how else can your clients know you are there for them during a pandemic? By having a Plan B if something goes wrong.

When a bride’s wedding day comes around and it starts to rain, rental venues almost always have an alternative option to move and relocate the ceremony indoors. It’s important to remember that your clients’ are relying on you to help make their event happen! So how can you guarantee it does? In the case something were to go wrong, is there a way you could fix the problem so the event still goes on as planned?

Have your event rental company brainstorm Plan B’s for your clients! This could be a coverage addition to the protection plan that clients can opt into at point of purchase. Whether it be for bad weather conditions, dietary restrictions, or equipment malfunctions, letting your clients know that you have a Plan B will help build trust and loyalty.

Utilize Digital Tools for Consultations

If your event company has the capability to do so, offer virtual options for consultations and client interactions! Not only does this increase safety measures during a pandemic, it also saves your clients time from commuting to your location. There are always going to be clients who prefer a virtual call, Zoom meeting, email, or electronic invoice over an in-person discussion.

There are many ways to make clients feel welcomed and cared for through virtual exchanges.  Be sure to elicit excitement and compassion for their upcoming event in all remote interactions.  Make sure to keep the window of communication open in the case they need to reach you at a random hour. Lastly, consider not only hosting your consultations online, but also your entire process! Easy-to-use software can make your business tasks and inventory management run smoothly and efficiently.

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Author: Carmen Bodziak

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