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Win more business with our Website Wishlist Integration

Anytime. Anywhere. That's when and where clients will be able to browse your inventory. Introducing your gorgeous digital showroom that also doubles as your hardest-working salesperson: our Website Wishlist Integration, with built-in Wishlist capabilities. It never sleeps, so you can.

Wow your clients & save hours on building quotes

Our Website Wishlist Integration is an easy, customizable plugin for your website that allows clients to shop your inventory 24/7, while still giving you full control over final quotes and approvals.
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The world is going digital.
Are you missing out?

Show off your inventory, collect new leads, and save countless hours on proposal building with our easy-to-install integration.

Customize to your brand

Integrate with your current website and control your unique look and feel.

Manage inventory in one place

Add, remove, or change inventory in Goodshuffle Pro and see those changes automatically on your site.

Delight your clients

Clients can browse inventory and submit wishlists from the comfort of their home, day or night.

Website Wishlist on mobile for Olympus Event Rentals through Goodshuffle Pro

Save hours on proposals

Wishlists submitted on your website create projects in Goodshuffle Pro.

Maintain full control of all sales

You can approve, deny, or upsell once a client submits a wishlist based on conflict alerts or personal preferences.

billing and payments

Make more money

Attract new clients, save time on back and forth with your regulars, and focus on using your time efficiently.

Need help customizing?

Our preferred partners are talented, affordable web designers who can build the website of your dreams, or simply help you integrate your inventory onto your existing website.
Website Wishlist Integration through Goodshuffle Pro on various devices

How it works for your event company:

  • 1

    Inventory links to your website

    Purchase the integration, follow our easy how-to videos to implement, and customize to your liking (or purchase one of our packages if you'd like developer help!)

  • 2

    Customers shop at any time

    Clients can browse inventory, create their wishlist, select dates, and send in their requests all with a few quick clicks.

  • 3

    Quote auto-builds

    You'll receive an email notification of the new proposal— already fully built— in the system. Tweak, upsell, or just send back to sign! Voila!

“The Goodshuffle Pro team was patient and great to work with when adding the integration. People go nuts over how incredible our website looks!”
Rachel Strickland Savannah Vintage & Event Rentals

Want to see it in action?

View more happy clients and their websites here.

Frequently asked questions

1. What do I need to start?

A Goodshuffle Pro account and a website (we recommend Squarespace if you don’t already have one!). Get a quick demo with one of our specialists to go over your options and questions first, if you like!

2. What website platforms do you integrate with?

Squarespace, Webflow, Showit, WordPress, and several other options. We find we integrate with most, although we currently don’t offer fully customizable solutions for Wix or Joomla websites.

3. What's the upfront cost?

The integration is free during your Goodshuffle Pro free trial, then $79/month after that. There is no upfront cost required, but if you’d like help with the implementation and customization, you’ll want to work with one of our developer partners.

4. Do you host the website for me?

Nope! We want to give you full creative control over your website and your brand. If you’re looking to build a new website from scratch, we recommend talking to our preferred partners who can set you up with a website plus the integration.

5. What if I am not an "Event Rental" company?

If you’re a custom production firm, a DJ company, or one of our partners with a unique business model, you can still take advantage of our Website Wishlist Integration. You can fully customize what inventory items and/or packages show on the site and enjoy the lead capture functionalities. Let’s chat on a 1:1 demo!

6. How do I make edits on the website?

One of the great advantages of our integration is that, once it’s implemented, you can update inventory directly from Goodshuffle Pro. You can add photos, remove inventory, change descriptions, and more without having to edit the website itself.

7. Do I need a shopping plugin?

No! The Wishlist operates in conjunction with the Goodshuffle Pro software, so you don’t need any additional shopping plugins. In fact, you should not have a shopping plugin, as it could actually impede the Wishlist’s functionality.

8. Do I need to know how to code?

No! We have all custom code snippets available in our Developer Documentation, which makes it easy for you. For a basic integration, we’re happy to lend a hand. For a more custom look and feel, we recommend a Preferred Partner, as they are website experts.

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