How This Award-Winning DJ Company Streamlined Inventory Management Across 4 Offices

Success Story: VOX DJs and Goodshuffle Pro


VOX DJs is a leader in the event and entertainment industry with multiple locations across Southern California and Arizona. They offer services for DJs and MCs, Virtual DJ Events, Photo Booths, Event Lighting, and Live Music. The leadership team at VOX DJs consists of Owner, KC Campbell, CEO, Eric De La Torre, and COO, Ricky Hayes. Since 1984, VOX DJs has grown into a nationally recognized event company. Upon making the switch to Goodshuffle Pro from their old system, VOX DJs completely streamlined their inventory management process, are now paid more than 90% faster, and can book twice as much business.


The leadership team at VOX DJs in Southern California switched from their previous system to Goodshuffle Pro because they needed a tool that saved them time in all areas, including their sales process and inventory management.They wanted to find a system that their large (and growing) team loved. On top of this, the team knew they wanted to book more business and get paid faster. After implementing Goodshuffle Pro, they did all of this and more.



  • More than 90% increase in payment speed— the average payment cycle went from 1 week to just 2 hours
  • Complete & accurate inventory overview, and elimination of physical clipboards and checklists— all equipment is automated and tracked digitally
  • 50% decrease in the time it takes to build quotes
  • 50% increase in customer capacity— they can book twice as many events each week, because they are working 50% faster with the same level of detail
  • Successful pivot to Virtual Events during COVID-19


The owner, KC Campbell, has been in the event industry since he was 14. As a teen, he started working as a DJ for his nextdoor neighbor and the founder of VOX DJs, Shawn Sedlacek. He bought the company from Shawn in 2008 and has been CEO since. Based out of Southern California, the company has offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Arizona, and over 160 employees. VOX DJs’ mission is to provide superior event experiences from booking to the moment the last song is played at an event. Their reviews on Yelp, WeddingWire, and the Knot speak for themselves— they have over 1,000 positive reviews on each platform.

Being successful event professionals for decades, the leadership team knew how important the right software was for running an organization. However, because of how large VOX DJs was, the company never got around to making a switch from their old system, which was slow and not suitable for inventory management. The COO, Ricky Hayes, knew they needed something new because it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage his growing staff, multiple locations, different inventory pieces, and large customer base. Their team was getting frustrated and asking for a change. This is where Goodshuffle Pro came in.

As Ricky and the leadership team began to do research into software for event companies, Goodshuffle Pro stood out to them because of the inventory management benefits, the attention to detail in the software, and the excellent customer service they received from the team.

VOX DJs got all their questions answered immediately, and the set-up process was straightforward. Since making the switch, they haven’t looked back at all— only ahead to the future!

Some of VOX DJs’ favorite features include:

  • Digital pull sheets and the internal fulfillment view for seamless gear check-out/check-in
  • Inventory tracking and utilization reports for accurate equipment counts
  • Google Maps feature, which empowers logistics planning and provides a bird’s eye view of all events going on at once
  • Digital signatures for a quick sales process
  • Easy electronic payment and automated reminders to increase payment speed
  • Fast and available customer service from the Goodshuffle Pro team


Immediately upon implementing Goodshuffle Pro, the VOX DJs team saw a huge impact on their operations. Everything became easier and more efficient, which saved a team as large as VOX DJs lots of time and money.

As events went much smaller or completely virtual in 2020 due to COVID-19, Goodshuffle Pro was flexible enough for VOX DJs to adapt to new industry trends. The powerful tool has empowered VOX DJs to become a leader in Virtual Events, as they can take on more business each week with how fast they’re working. Even with a team 25% of the size it was pre-COVID, VOX DJs has the capacity for twice as much business. KC explains, “With Goodshuffle Pro, we can now handle twice as many customers during the week, because we are working that much faster, while still being detailed in the process.”

The leadership team has also seen the speed of payments increase by more than 90%. KC explains, In the old days, it would take an average of one week to get paid. It was a laborious process. Now, with Goodshuffle Pro, we are averaging getting paid within 2 hours. Easy peasy!” Because electronic payments are possible (and Goodshuffle Pro also provides automated payment reminders!), he and his team don’t have to chase clients down for payment. Plus, they’ve cut quote-building time by 50%, which shortens the entire sales process.

When it comes to inventory management, the entire process has been streamlined and organized. As KC says, “The days of using clipboards and checklists for our inventory are over! We now can automate our inventory process and keep close track of our DJ gear and inventory every week. We love it!” This not only helps his warehouse crew know what inventory to pull, prep, and load, but it also helps his business team when reporting on sales and revenue. Knowing where everything is and how much money it’s bringing in for the business has saved time and empowered the leadership team to make the best business decisions possible.

The VOX DJs team has also loved Goodshuffle Pro's customer service. Support is always available, whether it’s via the chat or a 1:1 training session. The transition from one software to another was made easier because the team was there to answer any and all questions. The entire process— from sales, through the trial, to being a customer– was full of dedicated customer support from the Goodshuffle Pro team.


Organization previously posed a challenge for such a large and growing company, but Goodshuffle Pro has turned this around for the VOX DJs team. As they move forward, the leadership team plans to open more VOX DJs offices so they can continue to provide people with stellar event experiences. Though COVID-19 has deeply impacted the event industry, VOX DJs has used this time to revamp their tech stack and increase the speed of their operations. Once events come back— which they will in full force— VOX DJs is going to be more than prepared for the onslaught of events and event planners reaching out, with Goodshuffle Pro backing them the entire time.


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