How This Event & Tent Rental Company Moved to Fast
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Success Story: Tremont Rentals and Goodshuffle Pro


Derek Bornt and Chris Hughs, owners of New York-based Tremont Rentals, subscribed to Goodshuffle Pro’s event and tent rental software because they needed a software that worked hard and fast like they did. They needed lightning-fast technology that could keep up with their fast-paced growth plan. Tremont Rentals had a desire to drive more profit, improve team accountability, and save time. After switching to Goodshuffle Pro, they were able to achieve all of their goals and are continuing to grow.

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  • 21% increase in sales within the first year of using Goodshuffle Pro
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to speedy quotes and the ability to quickly make adjustments to orders
  • Hours of time saved each week
  • Flexibility with where and when to work
  • Higher quality event execution due to clarity in communication to set up crews
  • Improved team accountability


Tremont Rentals is an event company with a team of savvy and ambitious event professionals. They serve the New York area (and some of Massachusetts and Vermont), and supply inventory for all types of events. Tremont Rentals is managed by a young team with lots of energy, ambition, and go-getter attitude, which their clients love.

Founded in 2008, Tremont Rentals was purchased by Derek Bornt and Chris Hughs in 2017. The duo decided to revamp the business, emphasizing the importance of modern systems and good workplace culture. They knew they needed to make their business more efficient if they wanted to drive a profit.

Tremont Rentals had software, but it was “old and clunky.” This meant that they were often sitting and waiting on the system, rather than quickly getting tasks done. It also meant that nobody wanted to use the system, which made it a waste of money rather than a helpful tool. They needed a new tool, one that was modern and could keep up with the speed at which their team worked.

The team first heard about Goodshuffle Pro from another vendor, and then got a demo at a trade show for tent companies, MATRA. They were sold on its speed, its friendly user interface, and how easy it was to work from any device, from anywhere.

Some of the features they fell in love with included:

  • Speedy, customizable quotes
  • Free Google Calendar integration
  • Automatic team and client action logs
  • Digital pull sheets
  • Ability to work from any device via the cloud
  • Easy-to-use interface


All of these features had a huge positive impact on the speed and efficiency of their small but mighty rental company. Shelby Glasser, one of the team members, explained that the difference between their old software and Goodshuffle Pro was “like night and day,” especially when it comes to how fast Goodshuffle Pro is. When it comes to their rental company competition, she stated, “I often get comments about how quickly our clients receive our quotes compared to other tent rental companies!”

The team at Tremont Rentals not only sees the speed as a competitive advantage in their client-facing communication, but also amongst their own team. They use digital pull sheets and easy inventory tracking from their mobile devices, which allows them to work on future projects from another job’s site. They are quick to tackle all of the chaos of a growing event business now that their software is easy to use, streamlined, and speedy.


In the future, Tremont Rentals will continue to grow. Because the event rental industry is always changing, they’re adaptable and prepared for whatever comes next. In the first two years of owning the business, Derek and Chris had to make a lot of changes to culture, pricing, staff, and systems. With Goodshuffle Pro in their tool belt, they’re ready to take on the next set of exciting challenges.


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