How This Entertainment
& Party Rental Company Cut
Closing Time in Half

Success Story: Snap Entertainment and Goodshuffle Pro


Nick Muzzatti, owner of Snap Entertainment, switched to Goodshuffle Pro's event rental software because his former software was falling short, and his clients took too long to pay. After making the change, his closing process became dramatically more efficient, with clients signing contracts and paying at a rapid pace. Snap Entertainment now has a faster cash inflow, and the team no longer has to spend valuable time chasing clients to sign and pay.



  • 50% reduction on time spent building quotes and proposals
  • 30% increase in quotes and proposals sent, resulting in more customers and revenue closed
  • Elimination of awkward conversations pressuring sales prospects to pay
  • The owner, Nick, now spends more time on strategy than on execution


Since 2012, Nick Muzzatti has helped party rental company, Carnival Day, grow into a full-fledged arcade game and photo booth service. The company rebranded as Snap Entertainment in 2016, and Nick purchased it the following year. Nick has been in the event industry since 2003, bringing a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the business. Snap Entertainment serves the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas, and their mission is to 'Deliver the Fun' at every event. They make each experience one-of-a-kind for their customers.

Since Nick became owner of the business, he has strived to grow the company in terms of both revenue and team. He spent the last few years focusing on investing in new inventory, improving team communication, and creating a better system to track his sales pipeline. On top of that, Nick also wanted to shift his time from tedious work to more strategic decisions.

Nick was the new owner of the business, and while he’s been an event professional for nearly two decades, becoming an owner is a new challenge. He had been using another software before, but it didn’t have many of the features he needed. It was confusing, and often didn’t provide the clarity and insight he needed into his current projects. The most important features he needed to run his business effectively were the ability to track a project in the sales pipeline, and a way for clients to quickly and digitally sign contracts.

Previously, Nick was spending hours building quotes through a tedious process that included exporting PDFs, typing up emails with contract instructions, waiting to receive signed checks, and then printing and storing signed contracts. It was a long process that took up hours of Nick’s valuable time every week.

It wasn’t sustainable in the long run, especially if Snap Entertainment was going to grow.

Nick first encountered Goodshuffle Pro at a trade show. As he grew more frustrated with his current software, he realized that he needed to make a change if he wanted to successfully scale his business. Many of his industry peers were using Goodshuffle Pro and gave their recommendations. Something that stuck out to him immediately was the look of the system— it was current, contemporary, and simple.

As he began using Goodshuffle Pro, he was pleased with many of the features, such as:

  • Digital contracts
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Clear sales tracking
  • Professional branding of quotes and invoices
  • Easy inventory upload
  • An all around easy-to-use system


Ultimately, these features created a ripple effect throughout his business. As he was able to send and receive more quotes, he was able to take on more business, thus bringing in more revenue for his company. The sales tracking features have streamlined his sales process, which helps when he’s training new team members. He gets paid faster with digital transactions and automatic payment reminders. It was also easy to get up and running because of the easy inventory upload and the customer support he received from the Goodshuffle Pro team.

As Nick says, “We see Snap Entertainment becoming more simplified, just like Goodshuffle Pro: it’s not complicated, but it’s so effective. There are no useless features. It’s given us the tools and the confidence to put more focus on our overall business strategy. I have so much trust that the team at Goodshuffle Pro will continue to innovate and keep my company in mind.”


Snap Entertainment has a bright future. Nick is very focused on incremental and controlled growth, and wants to grow a company with an amazing work culture that employees genuinely enjoy. He also wants to continue to invest in new, fun, and unique games for people to rent. With Goodshuffle Pro event rental software, he has the tools to continue this growth.


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