This Event Company Cut Their Sales Process in Half and Booked More Business by Switching Software

Success Story: Render Events and Goodshuffle Pro


The team at Render Events made the switch from their old tech stack to Goodshuffle Pro because they needed to streamline the amount of tools they were using to save time and headaches. Owner, Cam Petty, subscribed to Goodshuffle Pro and saw huge time-saving benefits that empowered her to grow her business and eventually launch successful new divisions as part of her latest endeavor, the Render Collective. By cutting the sales process in half and saving hours of time on quote-building and website maintenance, Render Events has booked more total business and increased their online conversion rate.
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Cam Petty, founder and CEO of Render Events (originally Beautiful Event Rentals), switched to Goodshuffle Pro from another software because she was tired of using 5 different systems to accomplish one mission: booking clients and getting them through the sales process. Cam was looking for software that would streamline quote-building and the sales process. She also wanted to get paid faster, as well as reduce the human error and stress that comes with using multiple systems. After countless detailed checklists and many program test runs, she felt confident in her selection of Goodshuffle Pro.


  • Paid 90% faster— previously, their average waiting period had been 7+ days, and now it’s 2 days at most
  • 95% reduction in time spent on website updates and maintenance— previously, it would take 2-4 hours each week, and now only takes 2 hours each month
  • 75% average conversion rate from the Website Integration
  • 10 hours saved per week just by combining all processes into Goodshuffle Pro
  • 50% reduction in the time it takes to build quotes
  • 50% decrease in the time spent on the sales process— their sales SOP was cut in half


Cam Petty began her career in the event industry as a planner in 2010. Flash forward a decade, and she’s now the owner of the Render Collective, the umbrella company that embodies three divisions dedicated to event rentals, education for industry professionals, and interior design. Cam started her original event company, Beautiful Event Rentals, in 2012 when one of her wedding clients wanted to part with the DIY event decor from her event, and Cam decided to take it on. As her clients began to request other products, she and her team grew their inventory bit by bit, until they decided to rent inventory full-time.

The Render Collective’s mission is to provide intentional and exceptional service. The client is always their top priority. Their offerings range from hand-picked furniture and fabricated elements, to intentional home design and e-courses. Clients and partners alike love the intentionality that Cam and her team always bring to the table.

When transitioning to the rental side of the industry, Cam knew she’d need inventory and quoting software to build the foundation of her business. However, the tool she initially chose was lacking— it only did a fraction of what she needed it to. Cam found herself still using other systems to get everything done. Unfortunately, this led to human error and miscommunication within the Render team.

Additionally, there was still a lot of tedious work she and her staff had to do, even with software. Cam knew she needed to cut out this tedious work to create time to do more business. On top of this, she needed to eliminate the headaches of making, tracking, and fixing issues that occurred from human errors so she could provide even better customer service.

If she wanted to accomplish these goals, an important change needed to happen. This is where Goodshuffle Pro came in.

Cam found Goodshuffle Pro as she was doing research on the different types of event rental software that were out on the market. After a demo with the Goodshuffle Pro team, she was sold on its logistics, tracking, and planning features, as well as its communication tools. All-in-one booking was also a big win. As she and her team began using the software, they were excited about many of the features, including:

  • Easy quote-building— it often only takes a couple minutes straight from her phone
  • Photo-driven proposals to engage clients
  • A high-level dashboard to get a broad overview of business health and upcoming events
  • Fast, powerful online booking features such as e-signatures, payment capture, and automated payment reminder emails
  • CRM tools and organized client communication
  • The powerful Website Integration


The switch to Goodshuffle Pro had an enormous impact on Render Events’ growth. Immediately, Goodshuffle Pro lived up to the claim of “all-in-one software.” All the business processes Cam needed to perform could be done in Goodshuffle Pro. She had an extra 10 hours per week that she could put towards more value-adding activities, which led her to booking more business and launching the Render Collective.

In addition, the team began saving hours of time in every aspect: from building quotes, to their general sales process, to updating the website. Cam and her team now spend 50% less time building quotes than they did previously. The time spent on Render Events’ sales process was also reduced by 50% because Goodshuffle Pro took care of features such as payment follow-up through automated email reminders. Render Events also subscribed to Goodshuffle Pro’s popular integration, the Website Wishlist. This powerful tool allowed them to book business in their sleep and reduce the time spent on back-and-forth with clients.

Finally, Cam and her team are also getting paid 90% faster with Goodshuffle Pro’s powerful digital features. With features such as fast e-signatures and easy payment capture, Render Events cut down the time it takes to get paid from 7+ days to 2 at the most.

Team Render has also used the customizable Website Integration to create their dream website and now have an average conversion rate of 75% from leads that come in through the Website Integration. In addition to being a great lead-generating tool, the Website Integration has also cut the time Render Events spends on website updates and maintenance by 95%. Because inventory in Goodshuffle Pro is seamlessly synced with your website, they no longer need to update the site when they add or change items.


After doing hours of research and experiencing other solutions, Cam chose Goodshuffle Pro to empower and grow her business. Because of Goodshuffle Pro’s time-saving capabilities and unique, customizable integrations, Cam’s business has evolved and expanded. As the Render Collective continues to serve its clients with intentionality, the team at Goodshuffle Pro is proud to back such an ambitious group of event professionals.


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