This Party Rental Company Survived and Thrived during COVID-19 Because of Goodshuffle Pro

Success Story: Bristow Party Rentals and Goodshuffle Pro


Owners of Virginia-based Bristow Party Rentals needed an efficient and easy-to-use tool that would increase both sales and efficiency. During COVID-19, this family-owned business was able to maintain profit and continue to grow— all without hiring any additional staff. Goodshuffle Pro took on the tedious work, so that the team could focus on scaling their operations.


Paul Cameron, Operations and Brand Manager at Bristow Party Rentals, needed affordable software that empowered him and his team to grow their business while keeping costs low. Their business goals were to increase sales, minimize spend, get paid faster, and create a stunning website that attracted new customers. They also wanted to focus their efforts on higher-level tasks and leave the tedious work to technology, instead of spending more money on hiring new employees. After subscribing to Goodshuffle Pro, they were able to do all this and more.



  • 71% increase in sales in the first three months
  • 65% conversion rate via the Website Integration on their revamped website
  • Greater focus on higher-level strategy by the leadership team
  • Streamlined client communication via the messaging feature
  • Reduced time for building and sending quotes
  • Faster payments more often


Bristow Party Rentals was founded in 2017 by Lily Harrison, an experienced event professional and Paul’s aunt. They opened their storefront a year later, in 2018. This family-owned business is known for their follow-through and customer service, consistently going above and beyond to give their clients their dream event.

Back in 2018 after the opening of the storefront, Bristow Party Rentals was looking to bring in more business and increase profit. To do this, they had to drive sales while keeping costs low. This posed a challenge, however, because it was difficult to manage their growing selection of inventory. Plus, so much of their valuable time was being eaten up by tedious administrative tasks.

However, they also didn’t want to bring on new team members, since they didn’t have this budget as a new business. This caused Paul to begin looking into software that would empower their growth, while also being intuitive and easy to use. He needed a tool that his whole team could pick up quickly and get immediate results.

What stuck out to Paul about Goodshuffle Pro was how affordable it was, as well as the customizable Website Integration, which was integral to his website goals.

He also needed a system that would automate payment reminders so that Bristow Party Rentals could get paid faster. Goodshuffle Pro handled all of the back-end processes that Paul would have needed to hire more employees for, which saved lots of money for the company.

On top of all this, the customer service and support he received from the Goodshuffle Pro staff was an important factor in his search for the right software. He explained that the team genuinely cares about him, his business, and his success.

Some of the features he swears by are:

  • Quick and easy quote-building
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Inventory management tools
  • Website capabilities, such as inventory syncing and the Website Integration
  • Goodshuffle Pro’s fast and attentive customer service


With Goodshuffle Pro handling all of their business processes, Bristow Party Rentals was ready to meet their goals. In the first three months of using the system, sales increased by 71%. Clients were paying faster because of the easy quote process and the automated payment reminders. Paul explains that “the software runs itself” and that “everything is taken care of within Goodshuffle Pro.” This reduces the amount of work for his team, while giving them full control over their business operations.

Their website also got a fresh new look, and online shopping was made easy for their clients with the Website Integration. Bristow Party Rentals gets multiple wishlists submitted every day, with an average conversion rate of 65%. As Paul says, the integration is “a work of art.” He explains, “Potential clients can easily submit a wishlist on our website while they're working remotely or watching their kids.” He goes on to say, "The Website Integration has doubled our sales, and kept us making money during the pandemic."

During the pandemic, Bristow Party Rentals maintained profit levels by keeping costs lean. Goodshuffle Pro’s affordable price and vast capabilities meant that Bristow Party Rentals could save money by not hiring additional people. And, the time that the core team used to spend on tedious tasks was reduced significantly. Instead, they could focus on business strategy and execution, as well as the personal relationships they have with their clients.

Three things keep Bristow Party Rentals coming back to Goodshuffle Pro: the Website Integration, the education and resources offered, and the customer service. Paul explained that his team loves receiving the weekly user newsletter, as well as attending webinars and reading blog posts. He goes on to say, “Working with the Goodshuffle Pro staff is great. It feels like a friendship. Goodshuffle Pro doesn’t see clients as a sale or a number, but as an individual.”


In the future, Bristow Party Rentals is looking forward to even more growth. They want to eventually bring on more full-time team members, as well as expand into a venue space. There’s lots in store for this ambitious team of event professionals. With Goodshuffle Pro, they’re ready for success.


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