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A long-running event rental company was paying too much for a software that did too little. Goodshuffle Pro helped them do more, for less.

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Total Events was founded in 1999 by husband and wife team Richard and Melissa Carrier.

Over the course of two decades, they grew the business from a two-person venture working out of a home office to a 30-person enterprise with deep roots in the upstate New York event community.

In 2018, they were ready to start the next phase of growth, but they kept running into roadblocks with their former event business software. It had always been a little old and rigid, but now it was starting to nickel and dime them with hidden costs for increased inventory.

The Carriers took that as a sign: It was finally time to move on and find a better solution. With Goodshuffle Pro, that’s exactly what they found.

How We Helped

Hidden financial costs drove the Carriers away from their previous event software, but they quickly realized that software had also been harming them with hidden time costs.

Goodshuffle Pro’s drag-and-drop proposal builder allowed the team to build quotes 50% faster, and automatic billing reminders took much of the manual effort out of client follow-up. From start to finish, the Carriers say they now spend 90% less time on the sales process.

“Auto payment reminders have significantly reduced our administrative workload,” says Melissa. “And online payments have significantly reduced the amount of time processing payments.”

Speaking of payments: The Carriers note that their team wasn’t the only one moving quicker in Goodshuffle Pro — clients were, too. With digital signatures and online payments, invoices were getting paid 75% faster.

Excited by the immediate impact of Goodshuffle Pro on their business, the Total Events team added the Website Integration, which allowed them to connect all of their inventory to their website, improve SEO traffic, and accept online quote requests from clients.

“Clients love to spend time browsing items on our website — it’s become a major selling point over competitors.”

Melissa Carrier

Total Events

With more people coming to its website, plus a better way to them into leads, Total Events doubled the size of its inbound sales pipeline. Because the integration connects directly to Goodshuffle Pro, it could also update website content faster — without needing to call a “tech person.” In total, it now spends 90% less time on website maintenance.

How did Total Events find so many ways to improve performance and reduce manual work? According to Melissa, the key was building a strong foundation as soon as they implemented the software.

“The Goodshuffle Pro team held our hand through every step of onboarding,” says Melissa. “And once our free trial was over, the service continued. It wasn’t all just for the sale.”

Ultimately, says Melissa, this is what sets Goodshuffle Pro apart from its alternatives. She loves the product itself, but she knows it’s a direct reflection of the people building it.

“Goodshuffle Pro is eager to hear about what we want and need,” she concludes. “And, they make those changes quickly.”

The event industry is powered by people who listen to customers and adapt to changes to quickly. With Goodshuffle Pro, Total Events found a partner who reciprocates that.

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