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With a wealth of industry experience dating back to 2003, Nick Muzzatti played a crucial role in the evolution of Carnival Day into Snap Entertainment. His significant contributions during his tenure from 2012 ultimately led to his acquisition of the thriving arcade game and photo booth service in 2017.

As the new owner of the business, Nick recognized the need to prioritize revenue growth and team expansion while staying true to Snap Entertainment’s mission of ‘Delivering the Fun’ across the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas.

Becoming a business owner presented a new challenge for Nick, despite his nearly two decades of experience as an event professional. In his quest for efficiency, he had been using another software, which, unfortunately, lacked essential features, was confusing, and failed to provide the clarity and insight needed for ongoing projects. 

Consequently, Nick found himself investing hours in building quotes and tirelessly chasing clients who took too long to pay. It wasn’t sustainable in the long run, especially if Snap Entertainment was going to grow.

How We Helped

Nick first encountered Goodshuffle Pro at a trade show. As he grew more frustrated with his current software, he realized that he needed to make a change if he wanted to successfully scale his business. 

Many of his industry peers were using Goodshuffle Pro and gave their recommendations. Something that stuck out to him immediately was the look of the system— it was current, contemporary, and simple.

Upon making the switch, the impact was transformative. The closing process became significantly more efficient, with clients swiftly signing contracts and making payments. This led to a faster cash inflow, eliminating the need for time-consuming efforts to chase clients for signatures and payments.

“Goodshuffle Pro has been a game-changer for my business. I cannot express how happy we are to have found and implemented this software.”

Nick Muzzatti

Snap Entertainment

As Snap Entertainment looks to the future, it plans to focus on incremental and controlled growth and hopes to grow a company with an amazing work culture that employees genuinely enjoy. Nick also wants to continue to invest in new, fun, and unique games for people to rent, making each experience a one-of-a-kind for their customers. With Goodshuffle Pro, Nick has reclaimed valuable hours, equipping him with the necessary tools to propel Snap Entertainment’s ongoing growth.

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