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Randy Lowe fell in love with floral design while working at Disney Resorts in Orlando. In 2001, he left the company to start his own business specializing in custom florals: L+B Event Decor. As business bloomed and customers began inquiring about more services, L+B Event Decor eventually expanded to include products and services ranging from event design and floral arrangements, to custom-built props, to hardscapes, and more. In 2017, Randy purchased an event rental company and absorbed the inventory, venue, and team members. This allowed L+B Event Decor to become a “one-stop shop for everything that’s aesthetically pleasing about events.”

As a seasoned business owner and event professional, Randy knew how important fast, accurate data was for running a thriving business. Human error was incredibly costly (both in terms of time and money). L+B Event Decor’s centralized whiteboard in their warehouse, called their “grease board,” had to be constantly updated and redone when inaccuracies arose. Staff members would forget important papers and files when driving out to events. There were also issues with inaccurate inventory count and slow customer communication. Randy knew technology was the answer to streamlining his operations, but he had difficulty narrowing down the options. After trying a florals-specific program (too narrow for his company’s vast services) and a custom-built in-house program (too clunky and difficult to use, and the creation and setup of the program was too long and tedious), he knew he needed a different solution. Then came Goodshuffle Pro.

Upon seeing a Facebook ad for Goodshuffle Pro, Randy decided to get a free, no-risk demo. He loved the personalized customer service of the Goodshuffle team, and went to do his own research. After learning that there were lots of veteran event professionals backing the product, Randy decided to subscribe to the system. Goodshuffle Pro stood out to him because of the team’s deep understanding of the event industry (plus their personal event experience), the seamless integration with QuickBooks Online that wowed his accounting team, and the wide array of useful features that makes Goodshuffle Pro a truly all-in-one tool. Not only did Randy love it— his entire team quickly integrated it into their daily processes. And if that weren’t enough, L+B Event Decor’s clients have loved the beautiful proposals and the easy e-signatures and transactions.

Some of L+B Event Decor’s favorite features include:

  • Digital files and pull sheets that can be easily accessed by any teammate who needs them
  • Beautiful, customizable quotes and invoices with scrollable photo galleries
  • Digital signatures for a speedy sales process
  • Fast and easy electronic transactions and automated payment reminders
  • Quick client reporting and full customer database
  • QuickBooks Online Integration that connects seamlessly and accurately
  • Fast and helpful customer service from the Goodshuffle Pro team

How We Helped

Immediately upon implementing Goodshuffle Pro, Randy and his team saw a huge impact on their operations. Ease and efficiency increased dramatically, which saved them lots of time and money. It also gave them more time to focus on the creative side of their business, since all tedious tasks were taken care of in Goodshuffle Pro. By cutting the time it took to build quotes in half, the team has the bandwidth to take on 40% more clients. Talk about a great return on investment!

Previously, Randy and his team used a centralized white board they called a “grease board,” located in their warehouse, for all operations. This board included everything, from a single rose delivery to the Four Seasons, to 100 centerpieces going to a convention center. It had to be consistently updated and left lots of room for human error. With Goodshuffle Pro, everything on the grease board has been moved to the digital dashboard. Randy says, “It’s so much less work. The dashboard changes in real time, so everyone’s up to speed. No one has to change the grease board, and there’s no room for error at all.”

In addition, Goodshuffle Pro has worked wonders for team management at L+B Event Decor. With different tiers of user seats, everyone has access to the information they need. Randy uses limited user seats for his warehouse team members and drivers. They can see everything they need within the system and no longer forget papers when driving to a job. Gone are the days of using physical clipboards, too— Randy says, “The iPads look so much more professional to our clients, and are so easy to use.”

Randy loves the different reports Goodshuffle Pro provides his company, which allow him to gain a deeper understanding of his business’s health and where revenue is streaming from. He uses Goodshuffle Pro’s reports for his financial data, inventory usage reporting, revenue tracking, and customer management. He explains, “If there’s not already a pre-built report for what you’re looking for, you can create it. Goodshuffle Pro has all the tools you need to create custom reports.” While Randy has declared himself “not a numbers person,” he knew he needed software that his accounting team and CPA would love. His team loves how everything syncs seamlessly and accurately with QuickBooks Online, which saves everyone hours of time and manual copying and pasting.

Randy and his team also value Goodshuffle Pro’s customer service. The tool by itself is worth the investment, and the customer service is what pushes Goodshuffle Pro miles ahead of the competition. Randy explains, “Goodshuffle Pro never stops its customer service promise. The team treats me the same way now as they did when I first started trialing.” He values the consistent trainings, webinars, and help articles that Goodshuffle Pro offers to empower his own team, and is looking forward to growing alongside the program.

“Goodshuffle Pro never stops its customer service promise. The team treats me the same way now as they did when I first started trialing.”

Randy Lowe

L+B Event Decor

As L+B Event Decor continues to refine their processes and double down on their money makers with Goodshuffle Pro, Randy is looking forward to bringing in more business and giving clients an “out-of-this-world experience.” He and his team are excited for future growth, with Goodshuffle Pro always in their corner.

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