Avalon Event Rentals

Yvonne Madueke, Owner of Avalon Event Rentals, a leader in the Greater Houston event rental space, switched to Goodshuffle Pro because her past software was too technical and didn’t allow her to be creative with the interface. With Goodshuffle Pro, she has cut the amount of time spent building quotes in half, and has streamlined her payment process.

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Avalon Event Rentals was founded as Party Explosion in 2009. By 2012, when they rebranded, they were an event staple in Houston, TX and the surrounding area. Owner, Yvonne Madueke, found that high quality tents and event rentals were popular for both social & corporate events, from weddings, to rodeos, crawfish broils, barbecues, and more. They used a 3D CAD system to sketch out clients’ visions and bring them to life, and set out on their mission to create memorable events.

During this time, Yvonne tried using different event management software products, but found that none of them were very easy to use, and their impact on her business wouldn’t justify their price. That is, until a developer who was helping her redesign her website told Yvonne about Goodshuffle Pro in 2017.

Yvonne started a 2-week Goodshuffle Pro trial and never looked back. She loved how pretty and intuitive the interface was because it allowed her to be both creative and efficient.

It also appealed to her that the trial account transitioned directly into her subscription account. The demo didn’t feel like a “lost effort”, and she got the chance to send real quotes, put in real inventory, and really use the software before committing to it.The other software didn’t have the features that they needed. They were extremely rigid, and it was tedious and time consuming to make any customizations.

As Yvonne learned the software, she was delighted by many of the features, such as:

  • Real time contract updates
  • Searchable inventory system
  • Customer service chat bubble
  • Payment processing and e-signatures
  • Digital quote processing and templates
  • Easy editing and notes capabilities
  • New user training sessions
  • User-friendly interface

How We Helped

Ultimately, Goodshuffle Pro helped Yvonne cut her quote building time in half, as well as her overall sales process. The software gets her paid faster and allows her employees to work more efficiently. It used to take Yvonne up to a day to get paid. Now it takes her 20 minutes tops. Yvonne says that she now sees Goodshuffle Pro as “part of [their] team. It’s helping [them] sell better.” She also loves how versatile the software is.

She was able to get started quickly thanks to Goodshuffle Pro’s easy-to-use interface and new user training, and was able to get help whenever she needed it through the customer service chat bubble. The Goodshuffle Pro system instantly upgraded Avalon Events’ processes.

Yvonne would tell any event professional considering investing in event rental software, “A paper system does NOT work because there’s human error, especially for a larger inventory collection.” You need a workable, trackable system that can do this for you. A system like Goodshuffle Pro.

“The Website Integration is so easy. The client just signs and pays, and it’s done!”

Yvonne Madueke

Avalon Event Rentals

Yvonne and Avalon Event Rentals have taken advantage of the downtime during COVID to get ready for the incoming wave of events once it passes. They have worked to optimize their software, their website, their social media, and even their physical space and warehouse. They plan to have a full-on showroom and a bigger space to store their complete inventory collection. She claims that switching to Goodshuffle Pro was the move that snowballed into their current optimization and growth process.

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