A2Z Music Factory

A family-owned  DJ & event company searching for a solution to eliminating double bookings ended up leaving with so much more.

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Reduction in double-booking.

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Increase in total bookings.

A2Z Music Factory, a family-owned business with a vibrant work culture, is led by the husband-and-wife team, John and Carrie Howard, alongside the Director of Operations, Brandon Peltz, an industry veteran and DJ since the age of 13. 

Because of the A2Z Music Factory’s dedication to clients and flawless event execution, this meant there wasn’t always time to handle the back-of-house operations the way they wanted. Double booking was an issue, as well as keeping track of various sub-rentals through partnerships with other vendors.

Upon learning about Goodshuffle Pro, the team at A2Z Music Factory decided to give it a try. They immediately saw a change in their inventory management capabilities, but were amazed at how many other aspects of their business also improved.

How We Helped

Right from the start, A2Z Music Factory noticed a game-changing shift with Goodshuffle Pro. The inventory conflict detection feature quickly tackled the issue of double bookings, alerting users whenever there was a potential clash. This not only kept customers happy but saved A2Z Music Factory thousands, given how unique and expensive some of their gear is.

With Goodshuffle Pro’s website integration, A2Z Music Factory was smoothly syncing its inventory online. By helping keep track of inventory, it meant no more double bookings and lightning-fast quote creations. Clients got responses in no time, making their shopping experience seamless.

Goodshuffle’s customizable website integration, coupled with the professionally branded proposals, elevated A2Z Music Factory’s brand and sales, going above and beyond their initial mission to streamline their back-of-house logistics.

“I haven’t double-booked a single piece of equipment since I’ve had the software — it’s saved me so many headaches.”

Brandon Peltz

A2Z Music Factory

Just like many professionals in the event business, A2Z Music Factory built its success by putting customers first—always going that extra mile. Looking ahead, they’re planning to add more rental options to their offerings. As A2Z Music Factory continues to grow its business, they’ve found a great ally in Goodshuffle Pro, a partner that shares its commitment to exceptional service.

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