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Get started: Week one plan

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    Watch this video

    Remember: You don't need to get everything *perfect* to start testing the waters. Have fun exploring!

    5 Minute Intro
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    Set up the essentials

    Setting up your essentials, such as terms and taxes, will unlock features and save you time later.

    Set Up Taxes & Policies
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    Add your inventory

    No need to enter everything! Just enter a few items, services, and packages at first to see how easy it makes tracking and quote building.

    Add Inventory
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    Create a project

    Create a practice event and add your personal email address as the client. Send yourself a practice contract and see how the magic happens!

    Your First Project
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    Get a 1:1 check-in

    If you haven't already, take advantage of our free 1:1 training sessions. Our team is happy to show you the ropes and answer any questions you may have.

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Get started: Week two plan

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    Watch tutorials

    After your 1:1 training session, our team sends you personal recommendations for videos to watch. These will help you learn even more about your powerful new capabilities.

    Plus, explore our Youtube
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    Loop in your team

    We have seen that businesses have the most success if they loop in team members during their trial. This way, folks feel bought in to the new software and excited to test the ropes.

    Add Teammates
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    Get a 1:1 team session

    Want to really make your team experts in the software? Set up a time to get a customized training session for your team.

    Get Team Training
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    Add integrations

    We offer a free Google Calendar Integration, and also give you the opportunity to explore our popular QuickBooks and Website Integrations, too.

    Learn More
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    Enjoy your experience

    You're on your way to becoming an event team who loves their software! Remember we're just a message away if you have any questions along the ride.

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Free and unlimited training? Yes, please!

Take full advantage of our customer service and schedule a 1:1 coaching today!

Helpful training videos to watch on your own time

Watch these five pre-recorded training videos that walk you through the basics of your account
Task management in Goodshuffle Pro, event rental management software

Account Owner Training

Admins will learn how to maintain control of their system and their team permissions in Goodshuffle Pro.

Inventory tracking in Goodshuffle Pro, event rental management software

Inventory Management

You/your team will understand how to upload and manage inventory, maximize organization, and report on your inventory usage.

Goodshuffle Pro sales report

Sales Team Training

Sales folks will learn how to close business faster and make you more money! You don't want to miss this important session.

Digital pull sheet on Goodshuffle Pro

Support Team Training

Support team or warehouse workers will learn to do their job more efficiently and more accurately.

Reporting Training

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your Financial Hub works, what custom reports you can see as an admin, and what reports your team can create using the projects page.

Level up sooner with our Website Integration

website wishlist demo with goodshuffle pro

New user FAQ

Answers to the most common questions during your free trial

What happens when the trial ends?

The account is real! This means all your inventory and settings will save and we’ll simply bill you for the first month for your users and integrations. We’ll email you 3 days prior to remind you of that payment, at which point you can simply deactivate or remove any of the seats or integrations you don’t need to avoid any charges.

What will my client see when I send a quote?

We recommend sending one to your personal email so you can walk through the full client experience. You can also view this video to see an example.

What help is available during trial?

Unlimited training and support is available always! We have help videos, a FAQ library, group trainings, 1:1 trainings, plus our handy chat support bubble. The best place to start is shooting us a quick chat, and we can guide you from there.

How do I add in payment processing?

Payment processing is fully integrated in Goodshuffle Pro at no additional monthly cost. You can learn about associated processing fees and Stripe’s industry leading security here. To set up your bank account in Goodshuffle Pro, follow these instructions. 

What's the difference between Full and Limited Users?

Limited Users will only see specific projects they’ve been added to, and cannot see financial information. See the specific differences in more details here.

Get a 1:1 Training

Meet with one of our experts who can answer any and all questions you have about the system. We mean it when we say free, unlimited support— we’re here to help.

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Packed full of content to help you become a rockstar Goodshuffle Pro user. Videos, articles, tips, tricks… it’s all there. Just enter the topic in the search!

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