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Full Users - $49

Office Staff, Salespeople, and anyone who builds quotes — Full Users have access to all Goodshuffle Pro features.

limited user

Limited Users - $19

Warehouse Team, Drivers, Installers — Limited Users do not have access to the Contract or Billing tabs of each project. They also do not see the Billing or Sales Dashboards.

Unlimited Read-Only User - $99

DJs, Dealers, Contractors — Read-only seats are for users who you want to have access to information, but cannot take any actions in Goodshuffle Pro.


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QuickBooks Online - $39

Sync orders & contacts for seamless accounting. All contracts and payments in Goodshuffle Pro automatically push to your QuickBooks Online account.

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Website Wishlist - $79

Integrate your Goodshuffle Pro inventory with your current website and allow your customers to request items and services for their desired dates.

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All accounts include 1 Full User & 1 Limited User, plus free & unparalleled customer service.

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Limited Users 1
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Questions about Goodshuffle Pro?

Common questions or concerns about our event rental management software answered here:

Is Goodshuffle Pro right for my unique business?

We hear it all the time: “My business is a bit unique…” If you don’t feel like you quite fit into the industries we’ve listed, shoot us a chat! We have a flexible platform that’s built for most event companies with inventory.

What's the difference between "Full," "Limited," and "Read Only"?

Full users can create proposals and bill clients. They typically have roles like sales, admins, or designers. Limited users check inventory in and out and complete tasks. They typically have roles like warehouse manager, driver, installer, or event coordinator. A “Read Only” seat can’t do anything in the system, but can see PDF docs for their events/gigs like pull sheets and schedules (contractors, talent, etc.)

Can I use this on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Goodshuffle Pro is completely mobile-friendly so you can access from a cell phone, tablet, or any device with internet anywhere any time. Edit your proposals from your kid’s soccer game, or sipping a margarita on the beach!

What are the details of the trial?

You get a free 2-week trial in a real account that you can always come back to if you decide to pause for any reason. You also get free and unlimited training & support, throughout your trial and beyond!

Do you serve areas outside the USA and Mexico?

We currently can only support the 50 states within the United States and Canada. Unfortunately we cannot currently support Puerto Rico. To be added to a waiting list for other countries and territories, please send us a message in our chat bubble!

Are the costs for integrations per month?

Integration pricing is monthly, but can also be purchased annually to get 1 month free, just like all seats. Our integrations are regularly updated to run smoothly with the technology to which they’re connected.

How will this save me money?

The biggest savings you will see is time. You’re likely paying employees (or yourself) to manually copy/paste date, double check/count inventory on invoices, and organize/send paperwork. Our system will take all of that off your plate— and more! You also can stop last minute subrenting or buying items at a premium cost, because we’ll have your inventory fully counted far in advance. Finally, you can drop additional tools like your workflow management system, your proposal system, merchant services, docusign, etc.

Is the trial account a real account?

Yes! Once your free 2-week trial ends and you decide to move forward, your account and everything in it kicks over to your paid subscription.

What are my implementation fees?


What's the cost to add more inventory in the system?


What's the fee for training and support?


Customer service is #1 at Goodshuffle Pro. We offer free, unlimited training & support throughout your entire Goodshuffle Pro experience— not just your trial. Quickly get in touch with us via the chat bubble on our website, or take advantage of our many trainings and webinars.

How much do merchant services cost?


No monthly fee or support costs. Only the processing and transfer fees Stripe charges per transaction.

2.9% + $0.30 for credit card (+ 2% for international cards) or 0.8% for ACH. 0.25% transfer fee per payment. $0.25 deposit fee per payout.

How do I get started?

You can start your free trial at any time! We also always recommend getting a 1:1 demo with one of our specialists so we can show you how to do things for your specific business type. We’re here to help!

Why event professionals love Goodshuffle Pro

We are very proud of the event technology we provide and stand by our industry-leading customer service. Hear it from other event profs!
Goodshuffle Pro user, Jeremy LaBahn of event company Wonder Event Rentals
Jeremy LaBahn

Wonder Event Rentals

“I've been very impressed by their product, but I'm even more hooked on their incredible customer service. It's apparent that they genuinely care about their customer's success. I'm so grateful that I found Goodshuffle Pro and I would highly recommend them!”
Goodshuffle Pro user Robyn Iaea of event business Signature Boutique Event Rentals in Maui, Hawaii
Robyn Iaea

Signature Boutique Event Rentals

“I love this software! It has literally changed the way we do business on so many levels. Contracts are now consistently signed, clients love the photos of rentals items, and we receive deposits and payments much faster. We also have more control and confidence keeping track of orders.”

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