Should I List Event Labor Pricing On My Website?

Some event professionals try to hide certain fees on their website to try to draw in prospects with their seemingly cheap prices for their value. What they don’t realize is that this strategy will quickly deteriorate their customer confidence and lower their perceived value. Don’t lose money over this easily fixable mistake. Let’s go in depth on why you should list pricing for event rentals services on your website.

1. Prices don’t scare away qualified customers

It is much better that your client knows how labor factors into cost early in the process, so that it doesn’t come up as a surprise later on. This will ensure a smooth process in which both parties have a complete understanding of the deal. Clients want to know how much money they will be spending and where that money is going. Being upfront about this cost will only scare away those customers who couldn’t afford you in the first place.

The customers who can afford you (the ones you really want) won’t be scared away by the price, but they might be by your dishonesty if you try to hide the price of labor from them until the last minute. If you want to build customer confidence in the long-term, you don’t need the cheapest prices. What you need is a long list of loyal customers who trust you and have confidence that your services are worth the price you charge. They cannot have this confidence unless you are explicit about all of your fees.

2. You get an opportunity to showcase where your value comes from

Lots of clients don’t realize the amount of staff, time, and energy it takes to design, deliver, set up, and tear down events. Bring this to their attention early on by listing your event labor pricing. This way, the client will understand the value that you bring to the table. Do not be afraid to educate your clients on the basics of the events industry so that they can fully understand your expertise and value. Their money is not just going towards chairs and tables, it pays for you and your crew’s time and labor as well. This significantly raises the value of your services.

If a customer tries to negotiate you down on your labor fee, take this as a red flag. This is a sign that they do not properly value your time and services, or that of your crew, which could lead to further issues beyond price negotiation. Stand by your crew and have confidence in your prices. That is the only way to bring in consistent, profitable business. Building up a client base that tries to scam you and your crew is not the long term vision for a successful business. Understand your ideal buyer persona, craft your business approach around them, and stand by your decisions.

Prioritize long-term success

Listing event labor pricing is critical to creating a sense of trust and understanding between your event business and your clients. It also communicates where your value comes from without you needing to take the time to explain, and demonstrates confidence in your labor pricing. These are critical elements to building a long-term customer base on which to grow your business over time. The small change of listing event labor pricing on your website will have a huge impact on your business. Experience the benefits for yourself by making the change today.