How to Book More Corporate Gigs

If you want to book more corporate gigs, your party rental business must be professional enough to attract them. Booking corporate clients can lead to big payouts due to more consistency, larger accounts, and lots of exposure. Your event rental business needs to look the part, network, and create opportunities to create more business-to-business relationships.

Take these steps to book more corporate gigs for your rental company today:

  1. Evaluate your rental company brand image.
  2. Network and outreach to grow relationships with potential corporate clients.
  3. Create your own corporate events gig opportunities.

Let’s dive in:

How Your Event Rental Business Presents Itself

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There are things you need to keep in mind to book more corporate gigs.

Here are some helpful guidelines for attracting the right corporate client:

  • Professional images of your inventory on your website. One way to guarantee losing a sale is images in front of a storage locker. Invest in high quality photos and gather many items in one day for a photo shoot.
  • Equally important, what is in your inventory? Do you have multiples of the exact same chairs and tables for a large number of attendees? Do you have items that are on trend like modern sofas?
  • Your marketing material, including your branded proposals. Think about what you are sending out once corporate clients are connecting with you. Goodshuffle Pro offers professional quotes designed specifically for rental companies. Your party rental business can show thumbnails of the items ordered, specs, taxes, delivery fees, and all the pertinent information on the client’s order. Colors are customizable and you can even have your party rental logo on each quote, which should be simple, unique, and memorable which you can read more about logos here. A corporate client will be dazzled with how professional and easy it is to complete the transaction.

Networking and Outreach

how to book corporate gigs and work on event networking


Don’t worry if corporate clients have not found you yet, you need to seize the opportunity to find them. One of the best organizations to join is Meeting Professionals International, or MPI. MPI is a nation-wide industry professional association, but you can attend events at your local chapter. They host monthly meetings and other events. Always be professional, courteous, helpful, and kind, and people will take notice. It is a close-knit organization and if team members, or an ambassador, from your party rental business becomes actively involved and volunteer–MPI members will take notice and start to use your services.

Don’t forget about maintenance work that goes into any client relationship. Don’t be afraid to do check-ins every once in a while, send thank you notes at the end of events, or presents at the end of the year to your clients. One more “touch” can be reaching out when you have new inventory. You can always incentivize by offering company-wide discounts since they have become a preferred client. In Goodshuffle Pro these discounts auto-populate whenever you create a new project for that client.

Creating Your Own Opportunities

Once you’ve done a one corporate event or, better yet, a few, you have great content your business is in control of and blog about it. On the Provenance Rentals’ blog we wrote about our experience when we custom-designed a booth for a large corporate client for the Create & Cultivate conference, a multi-city corporate event quickly growing in numbers each year. Taking steps like this will enhance the likelihood that other businesses will seek your services for similar work.

Include keywords in your website content so when businesses use large search engines like Google and Bing, they find your party rental business at the top. Keywords can also be in the form of tags and image names in addition to what your content reads.

If you list your inventory on the Goodshuffle marketplace this creates another link for your business and more searchable content that Google and Bing cull.

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Author: Carmen Bodziak

Carmen Bodziak has been on the marketing team at Goodshuffle since 2019 and got into the business because of her passion for empowering business owners through technology. She loves connecting with the events industry both virtually and in-person, so say hi if you see her at a trade show! Outside of Goodshuffle, she loves to travel and spend time outdoors.