Alternative Bridesmaid Bouquets for Every Bride

In addition to being surprisingly expensive, bridesmaid bouquets have been used for ages. While this tradition is still cherished by many brides, others have begun wondering: Why not have my bridesmaids carry something totally different? Here are 10 highly unique alternatives of bridesmaid bouquets every type of modern bride:

1) For the Beach Bride: Fans

bridesmaid fan bouquet alternative

2) For the Whimsical Bride: Pinwheels

bridesmaid pinwheel bouquet alternative

3) For the Practical Bride: Clutch Purses

bridesmaid purse bouquet alternative

4) For the Classic Bride: Parasols

bridesmaid parasol bouquet alternative

5) For the Nighttime Bride: Candles, Sparklers, or Funky Flashlights

bridesmaid sparkler bouquet alternative

6) For the Artsy Bride: Cameras

bridesmaid camera bouquet alternative

7) For the Diva Bride: Chalkboard Signs: “Here” “Comes” “The” Bride”

bridesmaid chalkboard signs bouquet alternative

8) For the Frugal Bride: The Dinner Centerpieces

bridesmaid centerpiece bouquet alternative

9) For the Fairytale Bride: Bubbles

bridesmaid bubbles bouquet alternative

10) For the Wild Bride: Trays of Shots

bridesmaid tray of shots bouquet alternative

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