Goodshuffle Pro integration, Google Calendar

Google Calendar
& Goodshuffle Pro

Events automatically populate on Google Calendar in their color-coded sales status. Quickly view load times, pull sheets, and more as a team.
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See Last Minute Changes in Real Time

All changes in load times, inventory counts, and crew notes update in everyone's calendar.

Harness the Power of Gcal

All Google Calendar features are included: Copy events to other calendars, compare to employee schedules, and more.

Goodshuffle Pro Google Calendar Integration screenshot

Access Quick Click Links to Your PDFs

Pull sheets, event schedule, and your receipt for client sign off can all be popped open from the calendar event.

Push to Outlook if You Prefer

You can also sync the Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook or Apple Calendar with an automatic push.

“The Google Calendar synchronization is amazing, it has saved me so much time.”
Cid Fragoso The Fancy Flush

How much does it cost?

$0. Our Google Calendar integration is completely free.

Can it integrate with Outlook?

Absolutely! All Google Calendars can be pushed to Outlook or Apple if those are your preferred calendar tools.

Is pricing included in the calendar event?

All pricing can be hidden from the event details on calendar in case you want to share the calendar with employees and contractors not privy to those details.


Let’s show you all the ways our calendar integration makes your life easier.

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