What are Water Barrels? Does My Event Need Them?

Water barrels are large plastic barrels filled with water that act as weights to hold down a tent on flat surfaces. They’re typically rented along with a tent when staking the tent into grass isn’t an option.

While water barrels are nowhere to be found on our top 25 searched rental items on Goodshuffle, they are our number 6 most rented item. This is because people don’t realize they need them when they’re initially thinking about renting a tent.

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Do I Need to Rent Water Barrels for My Event?

The most obvious candidate is anyone who is hosting an event on a flat surface such as a patio or parking lot. However, there are often instances of events on grass requiring water barrels, too. There could be items in the ground which could effect installation such as sprinklers, lights, or invisible fencing. Weather, such as a drought or heavy rain, can also influence the ability to stake a tent. Finally, some venues have some very specific fine print surrounding tents. Always be sure to check your contract!

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Are Water Barrels Expensive?

The good news: water barrels are actually very inexpensive and their setup is almost always included in the cost of tent setup. The bad news is that they’re not always visually appealing being large, white, plastic drums. Some event planners may choose to cover or decorate them, but you may actually draw more attention to them. If you’re worried about them being eyesores, ask yourself, “How come nobody ever realizes they need water barrels? Is it because nobody ever really notices them?”

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Author: Carmen Bodziak

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