Wedding Day Budget Tips: How Reality Meets Lavish

Most couples have wedding day budget issues when it comes to planning their big Wedding Day. They want grand, but can’t afford it. They want to invite everyone they have ever known, but their banking account says “Nope!” One thing is for sure: You will need vendors and decor. But, do you have champagne taste with a beer, or even tap water, budget? Fear not. Let’s chat about how to mix lavish with the reality of your wallet. It make take some creativity, but follow these rules and save a few hundred bucks or use the extra cash for something you can’t live without on your Big Day.

Take a look at government-owned venues.

Some cities and counties own mansions or other historic venues that are more reasonably priced than you would probably imagine. These venues are beautiful and have a built-in charm. Bonus tip: If you live within their borders, often you can receive a resident’s discount.

Get married on a day that isn’t Saturday.

You have heard this a million times, but it can save you a lot of money. Especially if you get married on a day that isn’t Saturday and during the off season. You can save thousands! A Sunday brunch wedding is nice, warm, and classy. If you can swing it, get married at the end of off-season. You get the discount and the seasons are in the middle of changing from less than desirable to perfect.

Buy your own alcohol for the bar.

This saves you money because you control how much alcohol is purchased. Some liquor stores will even allow you to return what is unused. Also, it is smart to limit the amount of liquor you will have. Just having beer, wine, and a signature cocktail will probably suffice. The more liquor, the higher your bill.

Use flowers that are in season.

This is an easy way to save some money, especially if you desire to have a wedding heavy on florals.

Have your RSVPs emailed.

Send paper invites, but when you add paper RSVPs and have them pre-stamped for their return trip to you, the printing of the RSVPs plus the postage adds up. Email RSVPs can be sent to an email address dedicated to your wedding instead of your personal email, if you prefer. A wedding-specific email also helps to streamline everything wedding related.

Know when to D-I-Y or P-A-Y.

Some decorative ideas can be done on your own. Some can not and should not. Know your limits and what is realistic for your timing and budget. For instance, hiring a wedding planner or day of coordinator is highly important. You are gambling your perfectly planned Wedding Day without one. Paying for a piece of mind as you walk down the aisle and party the night away is priceless.

So, there you have it. You have successfully transformed your wedding into a lavish celebration of your love. You saved a few bucks and, the best part is, no one will even know.

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This post was written by Goodshuffle contributor, Rachael Schackelford. Rachael Shackelford is the owner of The Event Cottage, a planning company for both wedding and corporate events. Rachael’s a former CNN associate producer and Emmy award-winning journalist who spent a decade at the international news network covering and producing the biggest news of a generation from the newsroom and the White House. She also worked as a publicist at a Washington, DC firm with federal, non-profit, and Fortune 500 clients, traveling across the country producing public relations events.


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