Update to Device-Sharing for Goodshuffle Pro Users

The following is an update from Andrew Garcia, Co-founder and CEO of Goodshuffle Pro.

Throughout our history at Goodshuffle Pro, we’ve aggressively prioritized the security and stability of the platform you count on to run your business. We dedicate substantial time and resources to keeping your accounts fast, secure, and reliable.

One of the biggest threats to the speed, security, and reliability of your account is a compromised password. In fact, 81% of business data breaches are due to poor password practices from employees. Given that, we plan to more actively enforce our device limit moving forward.

Beginning on November 6th, 2023, Goodshuffle Pro users will see a warning when more than three active devices access a single account. On November 14th, 2023, the warning will convert into a full restriction, which requires you to log out of another device to successfully login on the fourth device.

To avoid any disruptions to your business, we recommend taking immediate action on any password sharing within your company. We also strongly encourage you to rotate the passwords of any accounts that were previously shared by multiple people.

We take immense pride in protecting your business and empowering your growth. Assigning a separate login to each staff member goes a long way toward both of those objectives. It protects your account from fraud and other types of suspicious activity, while empowering your team to collaborate and communicate more effectively.

We look forward to sharing many additional features and improvements as we continue to be your honored partner in 2024.


Andrew Garcia
CEO, Goodshuffle Pro


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Author: Brian Leigh

Brian Leigh is the head of marketing at Goodshuffle. He grew up in Long Island, NY, where his parents own and operate a small boutique hotel. This has given him a lifelong passion for small business and hospitality, along with the tech that enables them to thrive.