6 Unique Party Ideas for Pre-Teens

Planning a party with a pre-teen or “tween” is no picnic (why can’t they just have a picnic?!). You’re often dealing with many very “particular” tastes in addition to battling their device-obsessed attention spans. Never fear! We have 6 fun features for unique party ideas for any birthday or Bar or Bat Mitzvah to transform you from parental zero to way-hip hero (just please, don’t say “hip” to the kids).

1) Inflatable Joust

While this image only shows two jousters, this game can rouse an entire crowd. Cheering, jeering, and taking copious snapchats are all key elements to this hilarious game of boppin’ and sockin’.

Two pre-teens playing inflatable joust at party

2) Extreme Laser Tag

Laser tag became a birthday staple 20 years ago, but why worry about the ten other birthday parties at the laser tag center when you can bring the fun into your own backyard? Plus, the maze alone will be plenty fun for little siblings who don’t yet understand the rules of the game.

Inflatable laser tag pre-teen party

3) Rock Climbing Wall

The sheer size of this party centerpiece will make quite an impact. It’s just a bonus that it’s an activity anyone can enjoy, regardless of whether it’s their first time or they’re a climbing expert.

rock climbing wall pre-teen party

4) 65 Foot Obstacle Course

If there’s anything that can pull a tween away from their beloved cell phone, it’s the promise of a little friendly competition. In fact, kids of all ages will be lining up to run, climb, slide, and, consequently, go home pleasantly exhausted.

inflatable obstacle course pre-teen party

5) Mechanical Shark

Everyone’s experienced a mechanical bull at some point in their lives, but have you ever seen someone lasso a shark? This ridiculous twist on a party classic will go down in Instagram history.

mechanical shark inflatable pre-teen party

6) Sno-Cone Machine

When in doubt? Just load ‘em up on sugar! Even a teenager can’t deny that there is something special about a sno-cone. They’re exclusively associated with special events, they’re refreshing when it’s warm, and they give everyone a ridiculously colored mouth that screams, “Today was totally sweet!”

sno-cone machine pre-teen party

These unique party ideas are sure to be a smashing success for your kids! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Author: Carmen Bodziak

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