Tips for Unique Inflatable Rentals

Summers are filled with laughter, friends, and fun. Whether it’s for a kid’s birthday party or corporate event, moon bounces are always a great way to JUMP-start that merriment. Bounce houses keep kids entertained for hours, which means a guaranteed good night sleep for everybody. For corporate events, renting an inflatable brings the inner child out in everyone. Moon bounces these day are more than just that one bouncy castle you might remember from childhood. In fact, unique inflatable rentals now come in all shapes and sizes and even include various games and additional unique entertainment!

Here is a list of ten of the unique inflatable rentals that you can rent:

Traditional Bounce House Rental

Frozen themed moon bounce/bounce house for a girl's birthday party

Renting a traditional bounce house is great because there are so many different designs. You can customize the moon bounce that you choose to the theme of the party and watch the kiddos geek out over their favorite movie or tv character. Plus, adults and kids alike will find that bouncing in and of itself is often all you need for that wild head rush.

Inflatable Basketball Game Rental

inflatable basketball game for a boy's or girl's birthday party

Not everyone loves basketball, but by putting this inflatable twist on the game, you’re evening the playing field. It’s a nod to a sports favorite, but feels more like a carnival game. Who doesn’t love those?

Giant Inflatable Twist Game Rental

Giant inflatable twister for a birthday party, bar or bat mitzvah, or other outdoor event

Remember Twister? Pretty much everyone has a memory of a birthday party where everyone was in their socks giggling endlessly as they all topple over one another. Adding an inflatable element makes the game more challenging, which means you’re more likely to entice the older tweens and teens, making this inflatable perfect for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or quinceañera!

Tropical Water Slip and Slide Rental

Tropical themed slip and slide for a fun outdoor event

Slip and slide your way to fun this summer. Rent an inflatable water slide to keep cool in the sweltering heat. Slip n Slide is perfect for friendly fun as well as fierce competition.

Inflatable Joust Rental

Inflatable jousting event rental for an outdoor event

“Fighters ready? Begin.” Throwing a teen’s birthday or graduation party? This competition is ideal for teenagers…which also just might make it the perfect idea for a bachelor party.

Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

Large outdoor inflatable obstacle course at fun outdoor event

Are you in charge of the big company party? The school’s field day? Your non-profit fundraiser? This obstacle course is the best way to bring large groups of folks together to throw down for friendly competition.

Sticky Wall Inflatable Game Rental

inflatable bounce house with velcro. fun game for outdoor event

Get air with this inflatable velcro wall rental! Almost as fun to watch as it is to play, this will surely be the centerpiece of your event. For some fun competition, rent black strips of velcro and mark who can land the highest.

Big Baller Inflatable Rental

big inflatable relay race for an indoor event

Ever watch the TV show “Wipeout” and wonder if you could make it across the Big Red Balls? Well now’s your chance. Rent this inflatable for your next event and challenge all your friends. Just make sure you have one holding the video camera!

Inflatable Water Slide Rental

inflatable water slide for a summer event

Surfs up! Who would’ve thought you could have an amusement park ride in your own backyard? Just as fun as the log flume, this enormous water slide’s sure to make a splash.

Hippo Chow Down Inflatable Game Rental

hungry hungry hippos inflatable moon bounce game

Remember the Hungry Hungry Hippo game as a kid? Well it’s back and life-sized. Rent this inflatable for your next block party and watch all the adults line up before the kids.

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Author: Carmen Bodziak

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