The Top DJ Trends of 2022

2021 is over, and it’s been weird. COVID-19 restrictions are still in play, but slowly loosening with widespread access to vaccines. People are steadily booking larger events, and we’re making our way back to something resembling “normal”. That being said, social distancing and extra safety precautions will still be active in 2022, as will virtual events. We’ll continue to see a focus on technology in the events industry— especially with DJs— which allow guests more interaction and influence at events.

Read on to see our predictions for the top dj trends of 2022!

More personal space at events and concerts

Social distancing regulations due to COVID will still be important for large gatherings, which means more personal space at concerts and shows. I, for one, enjoy this change at concerts. While it requires events to be smaller, it does make them more intimate and gives the audience more opportunity for interaction with the show. Plus, you’re less likely to get stepped on or elbowed by your fellow concert goers!

DJing virtual event spaces

Many professional and organizational groups are still opting for virtual events, and we expect this trend to continue into 2022. While this can make networking more difficult than if you were attending an event in an event hall, you can technically attend a virtual professional event in your pajamas, which is a silver lining.

But it’s not just the meetings and lectures that have shifted to virtual events; it’s the dance parties too. Creative DJs are making virtual events work for them, by performing for fans and guests online. If that seems strange to you, just think of it as a radio show tailored just for you and your event. Suddenly you have an awesome upgrade to your virtual event!

Spotify request lists

No more writing up song lists or collecting MP3 files to send to your DJ; now you just add songs to a playlist in Spotify and the DJ knows exactly what you’re looking for. While this top dj trend is incredibly handy, there’s a few problems with it.

One, the DJ cannot legally use music from Spotify in their DJ software, so they may have to acquire some music. Two, clients may add hundreds of songs on this playlist, and the event itself only lasts a few hours. So much music, so little time! Make sure your clients understand the time limitations and that all the requested songs may not make it into the event playlist.

Scrap tossing the bouquet and bring in the DJ

It appears these old traditions may be on their way out. The reasons are varied, including:

  • Couples don’t want to single out (pun intended) the single people
  • These traditions don’t make much sense at small weddings (what if there aren’t many single people there?)
  • They can just be plain uncomfortable. For instance, did you know that traditionally the person who catches the garter is supposed to put it on the person who catches the bouquet? I’ll give you a minute to think on all of the uncomfortable pairings that could arise.

Instead, DJs should prepare for anniversary dances or other events in place of the bouquet/garter toss traditions at weddings.

Silent Discos are on the rise

I admit, I had to look up “silent discos.”

In short, silent discos are dance parties where everyone wears headphones. That’s right, no big speakers, and you control the volume. In some instances, you can have multiple DJs playing at the same time, with partygoers listening and dancing to different DJs— so you can pick your music, too.

Silent discos have gone in and out of fashion over the years, but keep coming back because they’re fun— with a sprinkling of chaos. They also have another big perk: because there are no huge speakers or loud music to contend with, silent discos are a great way to avoid noise complaints.

“Text to Request”

“Text to request” is pretty much what it sounds like: you text your song requests to the DJ in real time. Considering how much is done on our phones these days, it’s a logical progression that will likely stick around long term. For large events, it may be advisable to limit how many times someone can make a suggestion, as you may quickly end up with more songs than you can reasonably play within a few hours.

Inventory management software

Inventory management software is key for ensuring you don’t double or triple book speakers, tables, or even your DJs. A good inventory software will allow you to see exactly what (or who) is booked, when. Plus, our Goodshuffle Pro users have the option to add as many DJs and other contractors as they want under our Unlimited Read-Only subscription. This allows contractors to see relevant details about the events they’re a part of (such as Fulfillment and Team Chat), and none of the things that aren’t relevant (such as Billing and Contracts).

While we’re not totally clear of COVID regulations, we’re definitely seeing events relax. We’ve also picked up some habits that should probably remain permanent— I, for one, am glad for hand sanitizer being readily available at bars and events now. And, maybe having extra space at concerts isn’t so bad? Time will tell what trends stick around till 2023, but we can be sure that 2022 will rely heavily on technology to bring us together.

What trends do you see sticking around for the long haul?


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