Top 10 Reasons Tent Rental Companies Love Goodshuffle Pro

Real talk: tent rental companies face some unique challenges. There are lots of pieces to track and maintain, making it difficult to keep your fulfillment and sales teams on the same page. Keeping flexibility with custom tent packages and keeping track of pricing is no small feat. Plus, it’s so easy to forget one of the gazillion bits and pieces that keep the tents together…on different terrain…under different weather conditions. How do tent companies do it?

We all know that event profs are superheroes, but even the best superhero needs a sidekick – and in this case, that’s solid inventory management software. That’s where Goodshuffle Pro comes in; our software has you covered by helping you to avoid mishaps and take on even the most challenging events (while crushing your revenue goals!).

So how does this help tent rental professionals?

We’re glad you asked.

Flexible Tent Kits

With Goodshuffle Pro, you can make your tent listings as detailed and customized as your clients want. How? Simply add your tent components into Goodshuffle Pro, then build tent kits, a.k.a. packages, from those components. These tent packages are then saved for later use. Add in different optional accessories for each tent listing to create an unlimited number of reusable, but customizable, tent packages!

No Parts Left Behind

Because all of your tent components will be in Goodshuffle Pro as part of your tent packages, you can say goodbye to forgotten nuts, bolts, pins, stakes, or sandbags. Not only will this save you trips between your warehouse and the event site, but it’ll also free up brain space for you to focus on creating an awesome event space. What’s even better is that with packages, you can choose to hide these extra parts on the front-end so the client doesn’t see them, but show them on the back-end so your crew knows exactly what needs to go on the truck.

Bring Clarity Between Sales and Fulfillment

Keep your team on the same page! Not only will your teams be able to see the specific items and packages needed for your contracts, but they will be able to see real-time updates on an event too, from planning to unloading the truck. Gone are the days of printing and re-printing the pack list over and over again whenever the client makes a change. Keep everything updated (and everyone on track) with our easy digital pull sheets.


No More Double-Bookings

Once an item is booked for an event in Goodshuffle Pro, your available inventory is updated. If items are overbooked, you’ll receive an alert and the overbooked item will be flagged. It’s that simple! From there, you can decide if it’s best to find an alternative item, purchase more inventory, or rent the item from another rental company.


Keep Your Warehouse Team on Track

Your warehouse and fulfillment teams will be responsible for checking out rental items using a digital pull sheet, checking items back in after an event, and reporting damaged items, all within the fulfillment tab. Goodshuffle Pro keeps track of who does what in the Fulfillment tab, so you can easily see further training opportunities, who deserves kudos, and determine any weak links in your team at a glance.

Fast and Easy All-in-One Contracts and Payments

Not only does Goodshuffle Pro manage your inventory, but it also houses your contracts, allows you to send contracts and invoices with the click of a button, and securely accepts payments— all within the same software. No more switching between multiple programs, searching for contracts, or waiting for checks to arrive.

Get Paid Faster

Once you create a digital invoice and send it to your client, they can then sign the contract with an e-signature and make a payment, all in a few easy steps. And because those clients can sign and pay when it fits into their schedule and without making an appointment, they’re more likely to pay faster! Did you know that 70% of contracts are signed within 24 hours, and 50% are paid within 5 minutes of signing? Now that’s some fast business.

Easy Reporting

Need to know the usage statistics for a specific chair? What about your Sales Tax for a given period? Or even a sales report on a specific teammate? You can do that and more, all with just a few easy clicks! Having access to this easy reporting means that you can be empowered to make smarter decisions for your business!


Amazing Customer Service

Need a demo for your team or have questions? Our team is here for you, just click the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen while on a Goodshuffle Pro page to start a chat with us. Not only is our team incredibly eager to help you solve your problem, but they can also offer a variety of resources to further boost your experience. From our help portal and resource library to our YouTube channel, we are dedicated to an excellent customer experience.

The best part about our customer service? It’s always free and unlimited! We believe that there shouldn’t be any barriers to getting support, so no matter how long you’ve been with Goodshuffle Pro, from just exploring to a long-time user, we’re right here for you.

It Grows With You

While your team may start out small, it may not always stay that way. Not only can Goodshuffle Pro help you manage an unlimited number of inventory items, but you can also add new users as your team grows. You’ll never be paying for more users than you need— our software is built to grow with you.

Goodshuffle Pro is designed to easily manage your inventory, teams, business finances, and clients, all in one location. Our goal is to keep things as straightforward and easy as possible, so you can focus on growing your business. So stop forgetting tent pieces, spending hours creating reports, and struggling to create and price custom tent kits— just get Goodshuffle Pro!