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Perry Simon February 16, 2022 at 3:34 PM 7 min read

How to Pay Event Delivery Drivers: A Conversation with Nick Muzzatti

Hiring and retaining staff is one of the hottest topics in the event industry right now. ...
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Perry Simon February 15, 2022 at 12:03 PM 8 min read

How To Pay Photo Booth Attendants: A Conversation with Nick Muzzatti from Snap! Entertainment

Do you love renting out your photo booths for events, seeing guests light up when their ...
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Jessica Powers October 10, 2021 at 11:22 AM 6 min read

4 Signs That Your Payment Processor is Trustworthy

Like it or not, payment processors are an integral part of doing business in the modern ...
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Jessica Powers October 8, 2021 at 11:20 AM 12 min read

Pros and Cons of the Top 3 Payment Processors

PayPal. Square. Stripe. We all know the names of these three payment processors— and even ...
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Jessica Powers October 7, 2021 at 2:39 PM 8 min read

How do Payment Processors Handle Disputes?

Everyone hates disputes, also known as “chargebacks''. They cost both time and money, and ...
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Jessica Powers October 6, 2021 at 11:19 AM 10 min read

Top 3 Time-Saving Benefits Your Payment Processor Should Provide

Let’s face it, clients rarely pay with cash these days— credit cards and ACH (e-check) ...
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