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3 Tips to Transform Social Media Strategy for Event Pros

Rental companies’ social media strategy is crucial to bringing in business. When you’re not a wedding photographer, it can be tough to find great content to share on social media. Waiting for real wedding pictures can take a long time. Modern couples expect beautiful and compelling social media feeds. They regularly use social media to find and evaluate vendors. Here are 3 social media strategies rental companies can do to supercharge their social media channels.

5 Ways To Promote My Event Company On Social Media

1) Hire a professional photographer for a day to create your own digital library.

If you are not a professional yourself, consider hiring a professional photographer to come to your warehouse. Or, they can meet you at a pretty location (it can be as simple as your backyard or local park) to shoot your inventory.

Pro tip: Make sure to style each piece so your potential clients get ideas for how they can be used. Don’t stop with shooting single pieces in your inventory. Create little vignettes with multiple pieces and a few props to inspire couples.

2) Don’t just show your inventory, tell stories around key pieces.

Take key pieces from your photo shoot or real weddings that were styled differently and do this-or-that posts. Or, if you do vintage rentals, share the history and provenance of a piece or share historical context and how it was used “back in the day.” This will make your inventory come alive and engage your audience.

Pro tip: Use polls for extra interaction. Facebook posts and Instagram stories allow you to use polls to engage with your audience. Ask them what style they like best for a piece or whether they would have enjoyed farm life “back-in-the-day.” Have some fun and get creative with your questions and polls in order to engage new and existing clients.

3) Start using Live video and Stories.

Mark Zuckerberg has been promoting Facebook Live and Instagram Stories for years. The bad news is that you can’t schedule them and forget them. The good news, however, is that social media algorithms are primed to favor video content and deliver it to more people.

In addition to set up and behind the scenes videos, use the same storytelling technique above to tell the story of unique pieces in your rental inventory. You can even do long-form video on Instagram TV or YouTube to demonstrate your expertise, such as how to clean and care for certain pieces. These opportunities are great for providing an insider’s look at your company’s team and inventory

Bonus Tip: Repurpose and expand upon your social media topics and start a blog on your website. Then use those blog posts to drive traffic from social media back to your site where visitors can be pixeled and you can retarget to them and invite them to inquire.

Rental companies’ social media strategy doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. Instead, the right strategies can help you feel empowered to share all of the beautiful things your company has to offer. With a stroke of creativity and a bit of commitment, you can take your social media up a notch to attract the right customers.

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