Karen Gordon February 22, 2017 at 6:25 PM 2 min read

How to Plan a Hollywood Themed Event

We’re never at a shortage for theme ideas, but it’s so fun to come across something new. While scoping out our friends over at Capitol Romance, we saw this post on a TV-themed wedding. Fun! This brought to light that we have everything you’d need if you’re more of a movie buff yourself. So, we created this guide to a Hollywood themed celebration.

Not planning a wedding? A Hollywood theme would also be awesome for:

  • An Oscars Party
  • A Fundraiser or Gala
  • A Prom or Graduation
  • A Milestone Birthday

Of course, our collections only show a portion of what goes into a theme. You need food, music, drinks, and entertainment. What else would you include for a Hollywood theme? Comment below!

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