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6 Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Great DJ

When it comes to events, there’s nothing sadder than an empty dance floor. Good DJs are key for driving excellent events. They set the mood and bring a party to life by getting people moving. That being said, a sub-par DJ can really throw a wet blanket on a party... and no one wants that. So how do you find top-notch talent and avoid a sad, soggy event?

Whether you’re looking to add DJs to your crew for the first time or you’re looking to expand your DJ pool, there are specific traits and skills that all good DJs will possess. 

#1 They’re organized

A well-organized DJ is vital in an era where you can carry your entire music library on your laptop. If the party begins to lag, a DJ may need to improvise to keep the energy rolling— and they can’t improvise if they can’t find the music they need within their library. 

#2 They can read the room

All the organization in the world won’t help a DJ who can’t read a room. If you hire a DJ who doesn’t notice an energy lull, the event will likely stall out early and the event will likely elicit sub-par reviews. 

#3 They set the mood and pace of an event

Once a good DJ sees a slowing in energy, it’s either time to shift towards slower songs or ramp it up with some crowd favorites. Experienced DJs will understand the ebbs and flows that come with specific events (think weddings and birthdays) and can work to keep the energy flowing in a natural way.

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#4 They bring a unique flare

A good DJ will put a unique spin on any event they work. From their personality to their individual methods for amping up a crowd, you want your DJs to be memorable— in a good way. 

#5 They’re professional

The inverse is also true: If a DJ’s uniqueness overpowers their professionalism, it’s time to seek a different DJ, as an unprofessional DJ can easily ruin an event. Your DJ needs to be able to fit the event they are hired to do— so no shorts or foul language at a wedding. Seek a chameleon who can change their appearance, demeanor, and playlists to fit any event they are assigned to and everyone will be happy. 

#6 They come prepared

Accidents and equipment failures happen. There’s nothing more disappointing than having a big energy build up to...silence. (If you don’t believe me, search “DJ fails” on YouTube.) A good DJ will have equipment backups and fallback plans in case something goes wrong, so the party doesn’t grind to a halt due to a simple technical malfunction. Once you’ve found the perfect DJ(s) for your company, you can keep them in the loop with Goodshuffle Pro’s Unlimited Read-Only subscription. With this subscription, you’ll be able to create profiles for each of your DJs with limited account access, so they can access the information they need (such as Tasks, Project Fulfillment, and Project Files) and none of the information they don’t need (like Sales, Billing, and Contracts). This will keep your entire team on the same page, without compromising any sensitive information about your event company.

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