3 Ways Goodshuffle Clients are Pivoting in COVID-19

We think our software users are some of the best event pros on the planet. Ok, so we may be a little biased, but they’ve done some seriously amazing things in response to the crisis surrounding the coronavirus. From creating and selling masks, to developing online games for teams to play virtually, to selling discounted gift cards to their clients, they’re really getting creative in these trying times and pivoting during COVID-19. To read about how event pros outside of our users are pivoting, check out our other post!

Creating and Selling Masks

Screenshot of event company Fabrication Events webpage for selling masks for COVID-19

The CDC has recommended that face coverings be worn in public settings, especially where there are large groups of people. Fabrication Events has stepped up to the plate, partnering with their vendors to create water resistant, washable, and breathable face cloth face covers that people can order. With various options, there’s something for everyone. Plus, using Goodshuffle Pro’s Website Integration, they were able to get this new offering available on their website instantly! This is helping them bring in a new revenue stream, while helping others stay safe and healthy. Order yours now!

Selling Discounted Gift Cards for Future Events

Screenshot of event company Your Butler's Pantry webpage that displays their discounted gift cards for clients' events

Event professionals are looking to book future business, knowing that events in 2020 are currently on hold. However, they of course would like to get that future event revenue now! Your Butler’s Pantry has found a perfect solution to bring in business while also delighting their customers. The team is offering various discounted gift cards to their clients in the wake of COVID-19. They even offer an uplifting message on their page, saying that they believe in beauty and value, and that better days are coming.

By helping their customers plan ahead for post-coronavirus events, they’re showing their commitment to their client and belief in a brighter future. Check out their Goodshuffle Pro- integrated web page now and invest in your future event today!

Developing Online Experiences and Games

Screenshot of event company AE&ES webpage for virtual games for teams to play during COVID-19

Stress levels are at an all time high right now, and what better way to gain a sense of normalcy and connect with your team than through some fun virtual games? AE&ES has developed some creative, out-of-the-box games for you and your team’s enjoyment. Build a photo mosaic, compete in an ultimate puzzle challenge, play some extreme bingo, conquer a virtual escape room, and more!

While there’s a lot going on in the world right now, it’s important to continue fostering human connections and to maintain the culture of your workplace. AE&ES understands this and has created a platform for other teams of event professionals to do the same. Plan a virtual happy hour and get some games going now!

Creativity and Pivoting during COVID-19

This is a turbulent time for the events industry. We’ve never seen something like this on this scale. Yet, our amazing clients continue to blow us away with their creative business pivots and new offerings to help their event companies thrive. We are #EventStrong and are so proud of our users and this industry.

Are you doing something awesome for pivoting during COVID-19? Let us know!

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