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I’ll never forget the first time I went to a wedding and they had coozies as favors that read “To Have & To Hold & To Keep Your Beer Cold.” I thought it was the cutest little detail. It made me giggle, reflected the personality of the couple, and is something I still use today. Like most clever ideas, though, this saying got passed around the Internet and is relatively commonplace now at weddings. I still chuckle when I see it, but I decided I’d take a crack at coming up with some new ideas for creative personalizations for wedding welcome bags and favors.

For The Wedding Welcome Bags Themselves

  • TOTES Ready To Party
  • To Have & To Hold
  • Keep Calm and Put Your Party Pants On
  • It’s In the Bag! (+wedding date)

For Your Hotel Room Door Hanger

  • One Side: Dancing Other Side: Resting Our Feet
  • One Side: Celebrating Love Other Side: Cursing Booze
  • One Side: At An Open Bar Other Side: Never Drinking Again
  • One Side: Please Clean the Room Other Side: Ugh, I Drank With the Groom
  • One Side: Out to Happily Ever After Other Side: Happily Never Getting Up
  • One Side: With The Bride & Groom Other Side: Privacy For This Room (Please!)



  • Whiskey: WhisKEY to His/Her Heart
  • Beer: Glad You’re Here. Here’s Some Beer.
  • Beer: I Do Brew
  • General: Tie One On While We Tie the Knot
  • Beer: An I.P.A. for I.DO.


  • Emergen-C: Emergen-C You at Brunch Tomorrow
  • OJ: Orange You Glad This Isn’t Booze?
  • Tea: Let Love Brew
  • Coffee: The Perfect Blend
  • Water: H20mg We Did It!
  • General: Relax, We’ll Buy You Booze Tonight


  • Nuts: These Two Are Nuts About Each Other
  • Mints: Mint To Be
  • Goldfish: Making It oFISHal
  • S’more Ingredients: Forever & S’more!
  • Fortune Cookies: We Feel Fortunate You’re Here

Warm Weather Essentials:

  • Sunscreen: Our Love is Hot & Our Future is Bright!
  • Sunglasses: Don’t Be Blinded By Our Love
  • Bug Spray: To A Lifetime of Bugging Each Other
  • Fan: Marriage is Cool

Cold Weather Essentials:

  • Socks: Nobody’s Getting Cold Feet This Weekend
  • Mittens: We’re sMITTEN
  • Hand Warmers: Warm Hands, Warm Hearts
  • Lip Balm: You May NOT Kiss the Bride

Party Favors:

  • Coozies: A Wedding Without A Buzz is A Wedding That Never Was
  • Playing Cards: A Royal Pair
  • Floating Key Chain: Key to Any RelationSHIP
  • Shot Glass: Take A Shot, We Tied The Knot
  • Shot Glass: Drunk in Love
  • Flip Flops: Head Over Heels
  • Pocket Mirror: GROOM yourself
  • Matches: A Perfect Match
  • Rocks Glass: This Marriage Thing Rocks

Hangover Cures:

  • Hangovers Are For Today. The Memory/Marriage is Forever.
  • Thanks For Celebrating. Sorry It Hurts!
  • The Best Hangover Cure is Being Under The Age of 25
  • In Sickness & In Health
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