Coordinating Rentals with Your Wedding Venue

Coordinating Rentals with Your Wedding Venue

For months you’ve been planning the wedding of your dreams, and now your big day is almost here! You have some incredible rentals coming in to make your day extra special and bring your vision to life, but realize that there are now some additional things you need to confirm with your venue. Here are some questions to ask and plans to make in order to effectively coordinate your rentals with your venue.

Confirm setup / delivery / storage of rented items

The first thing to determine is when your rental company will need to deliver your rentals, and when they will pick them up; many companies will deliver the day before the event, and pick up the first business day after the event. If your wedding is on a Saturday, this means that they will most likely deliver on Friday and pick up on Monday.

Many venues host multiple events per weekend, and this can present a problem if they have an event before or after yours that the rentals can interfere with. Discussing this early and creating a game plan with your venue will help to ease worries later on. There may be a place for your rentals to be stored before and after the wedding - just don’t forget to ask if the venue will be able to move/set them up! If the venue staff will be packing up or storing your rentals after the event, make sure they have the rental containers to safely pack and store everything in until it can all be picked up.

Create a backup plan in case of unfavorable weather

Outdoor weddings during the warmer months can be incredible, but there should always be a backup plan in case of unfavorable weather. This might mean moving to an indoor location, or renting a tent. Certain rental items, such as vintage furniture, can be damaged if they get rained on, so it’s important to work out a plan in advance and assign someone to oversee the safekeeping of rentals if necessary. Having a wedding coordinator to take care of these details on the wedding day can help tremendously!

Create a diagram and determine placement of rented items

Creating a diagram and determining the placement of rented items is an important task, especially if you are concerned about issues with tables/chairs fitting in the event space; it also helps with the ease of setup, and to make sure everyone is on the same page so that the space is set just as you’ve envisioned. There may also be fire code issues to be aware of, so make sure you discuss your layout plans and types of rentals with your venue to avoid any headaches as your wedding day nears. Additionally, creating a diagram will help when you create your seating assignment, and help you plan for the amount of rentals needed.

Determine what items need to be rented

Some venues include certain rentals in their pricing, so make sure to discuss this with your venue before contacting a rental company. For example, plates, glassware, and flatware are usually included at most hotels. Once you find out what is included, you may still opt to rent different styles of china and flatware, but at least you’ll have the option and can use your savings to rent other fun items to bring your wedding vision to life!

Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon is the VP of Growth for Goodshuffle. She loves unique events, live entertainment, and puppies.

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