How to Build a Solid Venue-Rental Relationship

Now that you’ve read about why event clients love venue-rental partnerships, it’s time to learn how to build them. There are few vendor relationships in the events industry that are better paired than those between venues and rental companies. For venues, it’s an effective way to enhance the client experience by providing the ability to upgrade their rentals without having to seek out their own supplier. Suddenly, the venue becomes a one-stop shop for clients’ planning and design needs. On the other side of the table, rental companies earn a steady stream of revenue from their venue relationships without having to invest much effort into marketing. A solid venue-rental relationship can be a huge moneymaker for event businesses of all types.

As venues and rental companies strengthen their relationships, it builds a better client experience as both parties are knowledgeable about what does and doesn’t work in any given space. Talk about a win-win situation. Here are a few tips for building and nurturing relationships between venues and rental companies.

Get in touch

It’s as simple as that! Reach out to venues directly by email or phone to schedule a face-to-face appointment. When you meet in person, bring along a catalog of inventory and some samples, like books of linen swatches or invitations. To build a venue-rental relationship, come prepared to explore collaborative opportunities that are mutually beneficial for both parties. For example, offer up product samples for their open houses or provide some rentals to live at the venue to showcase design ideas for site tours, like different styles of chairs so clients can see them up close when visiting.

Take care of them

Every strong venue-rental relationship is built on regular communication, as opposed to sporadic messages here and there. It’s essential to maintain constant communication and always be quick to respond. A mutually beneficial relationship is one where both parties take care of one another, so show your venue partners that you have their best interests in mind. You can’t just ask to be added to a preferred vendor list; instead, you need to first nurture the relationship and show that their business matters and that you’ll help them uphold their brand reputation.

Hot Tip: Consider showcasing their business cards in your show room, or giving them a shout out on social media!

Learn about the venue

To enhance the client experience to its fullest, rental companies should have a strong grasp on the venue’s property and what it means to host an event there. When a client calls to discuss inventory, it will give them peace of mind when they realize their rental company has worked onsite and understands the property’s dimensions. You’re able to give suggestions based on the actual space, whereas any old rental company they find on Google wouldn’t know the exact measurements of the dance floor in relation to the grand entrance. Expert knowledge is invaluable, so be sure you know all of the key details about your partner venues so you can offer clients upgrades based on how they fit into the specific property.

Hot Tip: Be sure to regularly check their website and join their email lists, so you are always in the know about new offerings, close dates, and other important updates.

A solid venue-rental relationship lifts both companies, while also improving the client experience by providing them with top-tier treatment. It’s convenient, custom, and makes them feel special, so commit to building up venue relationships to better serve clients and increase your bottom line.

Feature Image by Classic Photographer