Jennifer Taylor August 9, 2021 at 11:14 AM 5 min read

A Case for Automation: 4 Areas to Rely on Software

Whether you’re a solopreneur or you’re in the midst of building a team, automation is a powerful
way to decrease workload, reduce stress, and create consistency in your operations. No matter
how large or small your business is, there is a finite amount of bandwidth you have before it all
becomes too much to handle.

When you dive into the world of automation, everything becomes easier. Your time
can be dedicated to the tasks that truly drive your business forward, your team can focus on generating profits, and your clients are treated to an efficient and reliable brand experience.

Consider one of these areas to start researching automation software to save time and limit headaches in your business.

Scheduling appointments

You know the never-ending email threads filled with a back-and-forth about booking a call? Say
goodbye to those. Calendar scheduling software allows you to send a link, let your clients book a
time that works for them, and call it a day! Some customer relationship management (CRM)
platforms feature a built-in scheduler to streamline the process further, so keep an eye out for
that if it’s important to you!

Managing inventory

Does your inventory system live in your head, in a binder, or even on a spreadsheet? If your
management system is dated, it will be hard to grow your business when more inventory means
more manual work for you. Instead, choose an inventory management software that tallies everything up, stores relevant information, prevents scheduling conflicts, and generates pull sheets for you for easy oversight. When technology handles the work, adding new inventory will be a simple and efficient process!

Tracking profit margins

Do you know exactly how much profit you make each month to the dollar? Or do you have a growing stack of receipts that languishes in your office until tax season? Finances are no place for disorganization, especially in business. Yet, so many entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their
pants from month to month until it’s time for the annual reckoning before taxes are due. Take control of your accounting with bookkeeping software that can send invoices, receive payments, and automatically track your income and expenses, all under one roof. Your business—and sanity—will be better for it!

Posting to social media

You might love scrolling through Instagram during your lunch break, but most business owners dread the actual process of posting on their business accounts. Perhaps you’re not good at it, or
maybe you just don’t have the time in your schedule to be consistent. Enter social media
schedulers. While they don’t generate imagery and captions for you (if only!), they do allow you to load all of your content in advance to post on a consistent schedule automatically. That way, you can batch all of your posts at the beginning of the month and know that it will run like clockwork!

A word of caution: Automation is a blessing for many reasons, but it will take some time to create
the perfect workflow with the right tools. If you take on too much at once, it could lead to
overwhelm, which gets you off-track. Start small and grow from there—as you build onto your automated foundation, you’ll create an internal environment that is streamlined and productive.

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Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor is the principal of Jen Taylor Consulting, a consulting firm that works with creative businesses of all sizes to implement streamlined workflows and organized systems to find more time and space for business growth and personal development.