Glow Up Your Office with Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

It’s that time of year again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are right around the corner, meaning now is the perfect time to plan your office makeover. 2021 is the year to focus on making your office space fit your needs, whether you’ve decided to settle into your home office permanently or if you’re transitioning back into the office. This year, all of our choices revolve around comfort and ergonomics. Just because we’re moving away from sweatpants doesn’t mean we don’t still want to be comfortable!

#1: More Monitors

We love having multiple computer monitors at Goodshuffle Pro. As far as we’re concerned, if you don’t have at least two monitors, you’re doing it wrong. Multiple monitors means less switching back and forth between programs and tabs, which ends up saving a lot of time and frustration. Essentially every electronics retailer in the US will have awesome deals on monitors this Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so why not take advantage of some crazy sales and boost your speed?

#2: Monitor Stands

Monitor stands are key for keeping your desk space free and for keeping your monitors at the proper height to reduce neck strain. Some monitor stands are essentially shelves which allow for extra storage underneath, while others allow you to mount your monitors to a stand and get them off of your desk. We prefer the mounted stands, as they free up your desk space, allow you to adjust your different monitors so they suit your needs (some can be horizontal and some vertical), and they allow you to adjust the height of your monitors to your eye-level to reduce neck strain. Once you experience the flexibility mounted monitor stands offer, you won’t want to go back. And with all the upcoming sales, you’ll be able to afford new monitors plus a new monitor stand.

#3: An Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk

We all know that sitting for long periods of time isn’t great for your health. But standing all day isn’t always an option, either. Enter: the sit-stand desk. These types of desks come with electric (motorized) or manual (often a hand crank) adjusters and allow you to achieve the perfect ergonomic workspace height in a matter of seconds. While desks with manual adjusters are more budget friendly, most electric desks allow you to save different heights, which makes switching back and forth a breeze. They are definitely worth the investment, and most office furniture retailers and specialty websites will be running Black Friday sales so you can snag one at an incredible price.

#4: Ergonomic Chair

If you’re like me and have had the same generic office chair for many, many years, it’s probably time to consider getting a new one. There are a number of innovative options on the market that will suit a variety of needs outside of your standard ergonomic office chair, including flexible/morphable chairs for those of us who like to sit in non-traditional positions and big and tall chairs.

Think of how you normally like to sit while at your desk. If you’re folded up like a pretzel (like me), consider getting a flexible/morph-able chair that allows you to change positions while still maintaining a healthy posture. If you prefer sitting in a chair the way they were designed to be sat in, make sure your chair can achieve the proper height and width for you to be comfortable and maintain good posture while you work. Like desks, there are tons of great sales on chairs coming up, so make sure you upgrade! Your back will thank you.

#5: Storage Solutions

Nine times out of ten, the more cluttered your space, the more cluttered your mind. Stop putting off office organization and take advantage of sales and get that new filing cabinet, bookshelf, storage cabinet, file sorter— whatever it is your office needs to free up your space, both mental and physical. You’ll also have the added benefit of starting your new year with a fresher, lighter office space.

Your office space should not cause your mind or your body stress. If you find yourself dreading sitting at your creaky desk in your too-hard chair till your lower back aches every day, then it’s definitely time to invest in yourself and your business and upgrade your office. We all know the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are unbeatable, so don’t miss out this year. Treat yourself!