2018 Bride and Groom Wedding Fashion Trends

The holidays are for family, feasts, and building memories. As a wedding planner, the holidays for me are also very much about engagement season and becoming fully immersed in the 2018 wedding fashion trends shaping the industry.

For so many couples, the brand new chapter towards marriage all starts during the holidays. It is when couples transform from being a couple and begin a journey towards becoming brides and grooms. This is especially true in the majestic city of Washington, DC, where historic sites and monuments reign and have the most awesome glow at night.

With 2017 winding down that means new “what to wear” trends in the wedding industry that will define 2018. So, let’s chat about the hottest 2018 wedding fashion trends to ensure that your dress and suit aren’t “so last year.”

The Bride(s)

Oh, of course, we must start here at bridal gowns! For some ladies, this is the centerpiece of the wedding and the one thing that makes the bride feel like the bride of her fantasies. Her dress, the groom’s suit, the venue, and decor create the wedding. So, let’s go over some 2018 styles.

beautiful bride at an outdoor wedding, wonderful lace beading on wedding dress

Lace is a classic that will continue to be a huge favorite in 2018. It’s romantic and the subtle details are sexy, sophisticated and both modern and classic. For the brides that aren’t a fan of the sheer lace that shows off some skin, the lace can be overlayed onto the top of the dress fabric still allowing for that classic elegance. Also, look for little details like buttons that can add more drama and dimension to the dress. The lace dress is good for traditional, modern, vintage, or even rustic weddings.

The two-piece is very fun and sexy! We are a huge fan of the two-piece with high slits, giving the dress even more fun elements, and slits on their own are also very trendy. This dress is super cute to show off your figure and is good for outdoor Summer weddings and is absolutely perfect for a garden wedding.

Our favorite dress, currently, is the high-low. This one is flirty and a great way to show off your legs. It can be mid-thigh or just below your knees, long or short. This looks great with lace and is also gorgeous for bridesmaids. A short dress with a detachable long train is stunning and has been trendy in recent years. The high-low dress is excellent for Summer, classic, country, modern, vintage and retro weddings.

If you are a big wedding watcher, then you know the 2018 Bridal Fashion Week had some huge reveals. One major surprise this year was the trend of allover beading. The beading can be neutral, pastels, or a vivid stark color. It adds shimmer and a vintage look and is something a princess or royal would wear and is great for classically glamorous weddings.

Color was also one of the huge wedding fashion trends at Fashion Week with blue being one of the favorites. Color adds something different to every wedding and allows the bride to be a bit more expressive. In recent years, brides have worn white dresses with color detail in a bow or lace strap. However, full color is also growing. The color can be as bold or subtle as you desire. We have seen brides with bold reds and faint golds and still be beautifully breathtaking. Color dresses can be good for both modern and classic weddings.

boho bride in a wedding dress by The Event Cottage

The Bohemian or “boho” wedding dress has become exceedingly popular in recent years and it will continue to be a part of the 2018 wedding landscape. It is a bit more whimsical and is reminiscent of a more relaxed era. This dress is chic and glamorous, but minimal. There is a nature element to this dress and it pairs well with a floral hair piece. This dress is perfectly made for barn, woodsy, farm, or outdoor field weddings.

The Groom(s)

Oooooo… The Groom! Grooms are so fun to dress! The creativity the groom inspires in what he wears really helps to show who you are as a couple and who he is as the person you love. So, where should we begin?

Let’s start with the classic black tie, shall we? There will always and forever be something world class and 5-star about anything black tie. But, a black tie wedding is just simply beyond classy and also hints to guests that they must show up in their better than best. A groom in a black tie suit is super hot for 2018 and elevates the caliber of the wedding. In recent weddings, the black tie affair is replacing less formal attire, with couples starting to trend towards more classic, tailored looks. The black tie is custom made for classic and romantic weddings.

If the formal nature of the black tie is less your style, then maybe natural tones will be your Wedding Day bestie. A groom dressed in natural tones is perfect for vintage, Summer, beach, and Bohemian weddings, or anywhere with a natural setting. The lighter colors in this category are very romantic and offer a more warm vibe for your Wedding Day.

Velvet? Yes, please. Whether a full suit jacket, only the lapel, or just the tie, velvet is a sexy groom winner! It is extremely chic and regal and is absolutely our groom attire crush. Perfect for a Winter or Fall wedding, velvet says, “I’m cool and I got this.” …Spoken like a true poet. We love those words.

groom fashion and boutonniere by The Event Cottage

Now that we have the groom dressed in his suit, let’s chat boutonniere. One of the trends that we love are the custom boutonnieres. This is a beautiful and fun way for the groom to say who he is to all of the guests. Is he a drummer or love basketball? We have seen mini drum sets and basketball hoop boutonnieres. Does he hunt? A shotgun case boutonniere with florals are a huge expressive hit. Or what about a boutonniere that shows off his favorite superhero? Or golf tees for the links aficionado? This is your boutonniere. Make it… you.

I Do!

As you exchange vows with your best friend and the love of your awesome life, our wish is that you are the best dressed couple of 2018. Your beautiful new chapter together begins with “I do,” and we hope these wedding fashion trends make that moment even more spectacular.

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