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18 Essential Newborn Photo Poses

Once you’ve selected a photographer and done all other prep for your newborn photos, you’ll need to think about newborn photo poses. Photographers typically offer two main types of newborn photos: lifestyle and posed. Lifestyle photos are taken around the newborns home in their own element, with little posing. Posed photos are typically done in a studio and focus on strategically placing each hand or finger and focusing on every detail.

If you hire a posed newborn photographer, there are a couple “standard” newborn photo poses, but each one can be altered and will look slightly different with each baby, depending on their size and proportions. Newborn posed photos are typically done on a bean bag, with a flokati rug, or using props such as baskets, tubs, pillows, and quilts. Depending on your photographer’s style, posed photos can range from very minimalistic with the focus on your baby, or very elaborate, incorporating flowers or an entire theme.

While your backdrop, props, or theme will alter the overall look, here are 18 essential newborn photo poses to plan around:

All photos by Katy Hayes Photography

1) Parent

newborn baby photo pose with parents

2) Family

newborn baby photo with parents and sister

3) Sibling

newborn boys baby photo pose with siblings

4) Potato Sack

newborn baby photo like a potato

5) Natural Swaddled Posing

newborn baby photo in natural swaddling

6) Taco

newborn baby photo in taco pose

7) Modified Taco

newborn baby photo in modified taco pose

8) Bum Up

newborn baby photo in bum up pose

9) Side-Lying

newborn baby photo lying on side

10) Chin on Arms

newborn baby photo with baby posed with chin on arms

11) Partially Swaddled in a Prop

newborn baby photo partially swaddled in a prop basket

12) Partially Swaddled on Flokati

newborn baby photo half swaddled on flokati

13) Swaddled on Flokati

newborn baby photo swaddled in flokati

14) Swaddled in Prop

newborn baby photo fully swaddled in a prop

15) Swaddled on Blanket

newborn baby photo swaddled on top of a blanket

16) Under Blanket

newborn baby photo posed under a blanket

17) Forward Facing Prop

newborn baby photo posed forward facing in a prop bucket

18) Baby in Hands

newborn baby photo lying in parents' hands

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Katy Hayes is a maternity, newborn, and family photographer located in Northern Virginia. Katy offers posed newborn and milestone sessions throughout the first year in her home studio located in the South Riding/Ashburn area. She offer's in-home lifestyle newborn sessions and on-location maternity and family photography sessions throughout Loudoun County and Fairfax County.